Seidio DILEX Pro kickstand case for LG G4

What was once called the ACTIVE Case, the DILEX Pro has come a long way in design since it was first introduced. Seidio's refined both layers and managed to make a fairly slim cover that has many users coming back as they upgrade their devices. We took this hybrid kickstand case for a spin with the LG G4, getting a closer look at its build quality.

The bottom layer is made of a strong TPU that's flexible enough to wrap around the LG G4's body without a fight. Inside is Seidio's Hexguard Technology layered throughout the skin, designed to dissipate impacts when they occur. You'll find appropriate cutouts for all features including the camera, power button, charging and auxiliary ports, and speaker. The matching polycarbonate exoskeleton is thick enough to provide a strong defense against the brunt of an impact, fitting perfectly around that TPU core. The soft-touch coating around the plastic definitely adds grip and feels nice, but manages to pick up fingerprints rather quickly.

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Seidio DILEX Pro kickstand case for LG G4

The star of the Seidio DILEX Pro Case is the built-in magnetic kickstand on the back of the exterior shell. It doesn't sit flush with the rest of case, but is slightly elevated with a small notch at the bottom for flipping it open. Seidio's kickstands have always been great quality compared to the competition — holding up over time even when the rest of the case starts to show wear. You can sit the LG G4 in landscape position while the kickstand is open, making it the perfect way to watch movies at your desk or on the go.

Installation is simple, but if not done in steps, the fit around the LG G4 won't be seamless. After the TPU layer is around the device, the exoskeleton sits on top, making sure the port openings are tightly matched with the edges. You can lay the device screen down without worrying about scratches or scuffs, too. With both layers installed, the overall thickness is only around 2.2mm. If you're into having a sturdy holster on hand that will fit nicely with this case, there's a DILEX Pro Holster available that rocks a swivel clip and soft interior to keep your screen safe from the elements.

Final thoughts

The Seidio DILEX Pro kickstand case for LG G4 is a great cover that doesn't add a crazy amount of bulk and would do a great job at handling impacts. Having that fold-out kickstand is always a bonus, too. It's not ideal for the leather back, unless you don't mind fighting for a subpar fit. You can grab it in black, blue, or red right now for $29.95 straight from ShopAndroid.