Seagate reveals Horizon Forbidden West game drive for PS5 and PS4

Horizon Forbidden West Tideripper Image
Horizon Forbidden West Tideripper Image (Image credit: PlayStation)

What you need to know

  • Seagate is launching new limited edition Horizon Forbidden West hard drives.
  • These drives are slated to launch at $100 for the 2TB model and $160 for the 5TB model.
  • They aren't available yet, but you can sign up to be notified when preorders become available.
  • Horizon Forbidden West is scheduled to launch on Feb. 18, 2022.

Seagate revealed a Horizon Forbidden West-themed hard drive on Tuesday, with both 2TB and 5TB models, depending on your price range and storage needs. These limited edition game drives aren't available right now but are scheduled to launch at $100 for the 2TB version and $160 for the 5TB version. You can take a look at the design below:

Source: Seagate (Image credit: Source: Seagate)

These game drives are compatible with both PS4 and PS5, though naturally, if you use it with a PS5, you'll only be able to play backward compatible PS4 games on it, or use it as cold storage for PS5 games. If you're playing Horizon Forbidden West on your PS5, you'll need to make sure it's installed to an internal ultra-fast SSD.

Preorders for this drive aren't open yet, but you can sign up right now to be notified when preorders are available. We'll have to wait on tests that show just how the drive performs but it might being one of the best external PS5 hard drives available for anyone that wants to vastly increase their storage.

Horizon Forbidden West is slated to launch for PS5 and PS4 on Feb. 18, 2022. In our review, gaming editor Jennifer Locke wrote that "From its story to its gameplay and its jaw-dropping world, nearly everything in Horizon Forbidden West is so expertly crafted I constantly want to describe it as perfect."

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