Right now you can get two iClever dual USB travel chargers for the price of one with coupon code DEALTOP1. This deal scores you two chargers, one black and one white, for just $11, and each of them has 2 USB ports to plug in whichever cables you need to charge your gadgets. The lightweight and compact charger is a perfect addition to your travel bag or purse so that you are never without a way to charge your phone or tablet.

iClever chargers

To get the free one, you will need to add both the white version and then the black version to your cart and use coupon code DEALTOP1 to get both chargers for just $11. You will need to add one of each color, and you'll notice that the black one becomes free. If you need some extra wall chargers to have around, you won't want to miss out on this deal.

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