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Saygus Vphone gets updated specs, perfect Verizon + Skype phone ?

There are whispers that the first device to introduce the newly formed Skype and Verizon partnership will be the Saygus Vphone. We know the Vphone, it's the device that offered video calling (which would presumably work via Skype now), but we didn't really know Saygus, so we were cautious in judging the phone's potential.

In short, it's a great idea, a video calling phone pairs with Verizon and Skype to deliver the full Skype experience on a mobile device but digging deeper, there's definitely questions abound. Why would Verizon choose to work with an unknown manufacturer like Saygus to be their first device with Skype capabilities? Earlier reports had suggested that Verizon wasn't even lending support to the Vphone.

We're sure those questions will be answered soon so in the mean time, we can dream about the perfect Verizon Skype device. The Saygus Vphone also got a bump in processor speed, jumping to 800 MHz from 628 MHz, which we hope equates in better performance. Other notable specs: 3.5 inch 800x480 screen, 5-megapixel camera, and your usual slew of connectivity options. Sadly, it still runs Android 1.6.

Let's hope that the Saygus Vphone can be the Verizon Skype phone we all want!

[via androidspin]

  • is an interesting article about the possibility of Google's Android blowing it because of the chaotic nature of it's releases. 1.6 gets released on the Devour, 2.01 on the Droid, 2.1 on the N1 and Desire and it can't uniformly updated because of software conflicts with HTC Sense and such. They say it's a train wreck waiting to happen. To me, Android is the wave of the future. That is, unless they trip over themselves opening the door to WP7.
  • thats the keyboard i would have liked to of seen on the droid.