2020 has made it really tough to stay connected with friends and family, but picking up this Nixplay smart digital picture frame on Cyber Monday can help. We've all seen digital photo frames, and while they can be nice, updating the photos on it is anything but pleasant. This option from Nixplay takes all of that effort out of the equation and makes reliving memories simple.

Nixplay 10.1 Digital Frame

Picture perfect: Nixplay 10.1-inch Smart Digital Picture Frame

This is the way digital photo frames should be, high resolution and connected to Google Photos. The Nixplay frame is always up-to-date, and sharing photos to family members frames is simple too.

$115 at Amazon

Displaying photos in a frame is a tradition dating back hundreds of years, but you only get to show one picture at a time. With digital photo lockers like Google photos being so popular and simple to view all of your photos in a single place, it makes sense to want to merge that with a photo frame.

Nixplay 10.1 Digital Frame LifestyelSource: Nixplay

This is what the Nixplay smart digital photo frame is here to do. Its job is to connect its 10.1-inch high-resolution display to your Google Photos account. This allows the frame to not only always be up to date but to cycle through photos so you can relive far more memories than you could with a traditional frame.

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Sure, you could buy a Google smart display and do the same thing, but if you have privacy concerns, you might prefer something that doesn't have microphones on it. Plus, unless you get the more expensive Nest Hub Max, you'd have to settle for a smaller screen to view your photos on.

Another great feature of this frame is that you can securely send photos and photo playlists to a family member's frame with the Nixplay app. If you aren't a Google Photos user, you can also connect the frame to Facebook, Instagram, or Dropbox via the Nixplay website. The frame can work on a desktop in portrait or landscape and can even be hung on the wall. There's also a motion sensor to turn the frame on and off automatically. So, save some money and make remembering the good times that much easier with this Nixplay photo frame.

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