Save $35 and get 3 free months of Kindle Unlimited with a new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader

Kindle Paperwhite Readers
Kindle Paperwhite Readers (Image credit: Amazon)

Whether you need a last minute present for Mother's Day or you just want to prepare for a summer of reading by the pool, today you can get the Kindle Paperwhite e-reader or the regular Kindle on sale at Amazon. The Paperwhite is down to just $94.99 from a street price around $130. We haven't seen the Paperwhite go on sale much this year, and the drop to $95 matches a low we last saw back in February. Every variation is discounted, too. Choose between all four colors. Pick ads or without ads. Go with 8GB of internal storage or 32GB.

The regular Kindle is also on sale for $64.99 at Amazon. It is normally $90, and this price matches the lowest it has gone this year. No matter which Kindle you go for, you can also choose to get three months of Kindle Unlimited and still get the discounted price. That's an extra $30 in value since Kindle Unlimited normally costs $9.99 a month.

Every version of the Kindle Paperwhite is on sale: with or without ads, 8GB or 32GB storage, and all four colors. Same for the regular Kindle, which also includes three months of Kindle Unlimited with any variation.

So the regular Kindle at $65 was updated last year to include some new features like a light on the front. It still keeps the features that make a Kindle great like the e-ink display that reads like real paper and doesn't get drowned out by glare, even if you're sitting under the sun. Pick where you want to read and wherever is most comfortable for you and the Kindle will work. It's nice when you don't have to worry about little things like that.

Of course like any Kindle, you can also highlight passages, look up words using the dictionary, translate other words, or even adjust the text size. Download thousands of books from Amazon's library or even sign up with Audible and listen to audiobooks using Bluetooth headphones.

For $30 more, you can get the Paperwhite. It has the added advantage of being waterproof, so not only can you read under the sun with the glare-free display, you can do it by the pool without worrying about water splashing on you. The Paperwhite can also be upgraded from the default 8GB storage to 32GB if you want. It also has a more detailed display at 300 ppi (compared to 167 ppi for the regular Kindle).

John Levite
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