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If you're upgrading your smart home this Cyber Monday week, you'll want to check out the latest combo deals from BuyDig. The retailer has three Google Nest bundles available right now, with savings ranging from 16% to 28% off the standard price when you pair a Nest Hello with either a Nest Audio, Nest Hub Max or Nest Cam.

Depending on your preferences, you'll be able to combine Google's smart video doorbell with either a great-sounding and highly performant smart speaker, one of the best smart displays out there, or a capable indoor home security camera.

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To take advantage of all three deals, add your chosen bundle to your cart, then simply use the code BF2020 before completing your purchase.

Nest Bundle

Nest Audio + Nest Hello | $199 at BuyDig, Code: BF2020

Get Google's latest Nest Audio smart speaker and the Nest Hello smart doorbell in this bundle. The Nest Audio is the successor to the original Google Home, with superior audio quality and a fabric-coated facelift. And the Nest Hello is a simple, smart home doorbell that's still a great buy 2 years on from launch.

$199 at BuyDig
Nest Bundle

Nest Cam + Nest Hello | $219 at BuyDig, Code: BF2020

Secure your home both inside and outside by combining Google's Nest Hello with its indoor smart security camera system. Considering the Nest Hello alone would set you back $229 at launch, you're getting a great deal by bundling these two cameras together.

$219 at BuyDig
Nest Bundle

Nest Hub Max + Nest Hello | $299 at BuyDig, Code: BF2020

Pairing the Nest Hello with one of the best smart displays out there makes for a capable smart home duo. Cast Netflix or YouTube to the Hub Max, or answer your door directly from the display. While idle, it makes for a great digital photo frame. And your Google Assistant is always ready and waiting.

$299 at BuyDig

Whether you're already fully bought into the Google ecosystem or you're just dipping your toe in the waters of smart home gadgets, these Nest Hello deals are a great opportunity to kit out your home with more smart gear. Since we're all stuck at home these days, why not make yours a little smarter?

For more, be sure to check out Android Central's reviews of the Nest Hello, Nest Audio and Nest Hub Max.

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