Secure your home and save some money on these Blink outdoor security camera kits on Amazon. Every single version of the kit is on sale, and you can save up to $130 depending on the version you get. The 1-camera kit starts at $64.99, which is a drop from its regular price of $100. This is the lowest it has ever been. You can upgrade all the way to the 5-camera kit, which is the version that is $130 off its regular price and going for a new low of $249.99.

You can even save on the add-on camera, which is down to $59.99 from $90. You have to start with the kit because it comes with a sync module that helps you link all your cameras together, but if you buy a kit and realize you need some extra eyes the add-on camera is a great, and inexpensive, option.

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All-new Blink Outdoor HD security camera kits

Built for the outdoors. They are completely wireless with a battery that can last for up to two years. They also have IP67 weather resistance to survive the elements. Other features include motion detection, two-way audio, and phone alerts.

As low as $65

These Blink cameras are definitely designed to be used outdoors, and they are built for you to not have to worry about them. They are completely wireless cameras, which makes them easy to setup and easy to place wherever you need an extra set of eyes. Because they are battery powered, they are designed to be as efficient as possible with said battery and can make it last for up to two years.

You also won't have to worry about weather or extreme temperatures with these cameras. They are weather resistant can survive rain, snow, or sun. With infrared night vision they can work in the day or night, too, so you can always get clear video of who's around.

The cameras have great motion detection and depend on it. You can even get alerts sent to your smartphone anytime they detect motion. You can customize motion zones in the Blink Home Monitor app, too, so you're only alerted when you need to be. (That's a great way to keep from getting alerts about cars in the background just driving by.) Use two-way audio to both hear your visitors and speak to them. Communicate with guests or scare off pesky animals.

The cameras work with Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, too, like the Echo Show 5. You can control your cameras with your voice or view a live feed if your device has a display.

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