Save $100 on the Star Wars-themed Garmin Legacy smartwatch today only

Garmin Legacy
Garmin Legacy (Image credit: Thrifter)

Best Buy is celebrating Star Wars Day, May the 4th, with some excellent deals. One of those deals features the Garmin Legacy 45mm fiber-reinforced polymer smartwatch on sale for $299.99. You can get this smartwatch featuring a 45mm display with a Darth Vader theme or a 40mm display Rey theme with lighter colors. Both watches are $100 off compared to other retailers like B&H.

Works with Android and iOS devices. Collects data on energy levels, blood oxygen saturation, daily water intake, and more. Has 1.3-inch touchscreen with 260 x 260 resolution. Wrist-based heart rate monitor. Support for multiple GPS systems.

The Garmin Legacy is a powerful smartwatch that works with both Android and iOS devices thanks to its smart app. Whether you're using your phone to adjust the settings or using your smartwatch while your phone is out of sight, you can get all the information you need wherever you are. You'll get smart alerts for incoming calls, texts, and calendar alerts when paired with your phone.

The smartwatch is capable of all-day health monitoring. In can track your body's energy levels, blood oxygen saturation, daily water intake, sleep quality, and more. It also has wrist-based heart rate monitoring and Pulse Ox tech that help you learn more about how you sleep and how you acclimate to higher elevations. The built-in sensors, including a three-axis compass, gyroscope, and barometric alitmeter, work with multiple GPS systems to help you navigate while you're outdoors.

The case of the smartwatch is made with fiber-reinforced polymer and has a polymer rear cover. You can switch between leather and silicon bands. So you get the best mix of durability and comfortability.

The Star Wars theme includes Darth Vader on the face of the watch, but the slate bezel is also designed based on his signature TIE fighter. The Rey-themed watch is more inspired by the Jedi and her lightsaber and has a silver bezel.

Don't worry about getting the smartwatch wet, either, because it's water resistant up to 164 feet. Garmin covers either option with a one-year warranty.

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