Samsung's new Touchwiz makes adding items to the home screen a breeze

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A big complaint I've had about Android for some time now regards adding items to the home screen. The basic way of doing things is you scroll through a text list, pick something from that list and plop it onto whatever home screen you're currently on. That requires your brain to remember what's already on the home screen, and to know what the new item actually looks like. If it's an icon, that's easy enough. If it's a widget, well, you get what size it is (1x1, 2x2, etc.), but that's it.

Samsung's done us a solid in the latest version of Touchwiz, as seen on the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. It's basically taken the Honeycomb way of doing things and scalled it down for the smaller screen. You can see the full home screen (and even flip though them) as well as see the widget or shortcut you're looking to add.

It's a small but ingenious change. Kudos, Samsung.

  • Never minds. I forgot which rom did this.
  • MIUI does it, they have a very similar implementation
  • Yes, Very akin to MIUI...
  • Why is this just being covered now? Did you guys not get your hands on the international version of the GS2?
  • I want touchwiz 4.0 on my charge. I hope that whenever we get gingerbread, TW4 comes with it.
  • You could download it from XDA-Developers. It's pretty cool. :)
  • I dont knwo about everyone else, but partial reason im waiting out for this phone on AT&T other than the awesome specs is TW4. I just like it alot more than Sense for some odd reason
  • No Argument there, "Sense" is completely senseless.
    and turning that off (as shown here , you never do get it all off, unless your just why and put a new ROM on it.
    this is probably one reason I am so hard on these "overlays"
    even rootin the sensation , give you little control over the device.
    I have frozen 60 some services and apps ( , and Sense, is still hanging around with other BLOAT ware to be found. its 60MG of junk I do not want !
    not its , faster , more sable, and eats less battery
    can't wait for a rc on CYANOGEN 7 ( if you want bells and whistles , try that ) This isn't your mothers WINders, its Linux
    and Linux users are used to having their cake and eating it too.
    what I want, how I want it
  • So when do we get to read the Android Central review of the E4GT? Lol.
  • TouchWiz is really nice. A lot better than I thought it would be. I will probably do just a basic root and keep it.
  • That's really good
    TouchWiz is getting better & better
    I just hope that Samsung starts to differentiate it self more & not look like an IOS knock off
  • I'm liking the add to Home Screen feature that TW4 brings, very graphical and hands on. I also noticed you had your notification LED blinking, very jealous. I'm on AT&T and hear they will not have the LED light on thier GSII, which I would use and enjoy.
  • When did perfectly functional become boring,
    I love ANDROID , no add-ons,
    Touch WIZ, SENSE and MOTO ( blured ) are complete waste of time and cycles, and to make it all so much worse, they make it hard to turn off.
    BLUR OFF , SENSE go the h3ck away, and WIZZ OFF .
    Users should have the option to turn this JUNK-WARE OFF,
    now to be forever to be called -->> WIZZ OFF ( turn this wizard junk off).
    REALLY the touch-wiz IS the reason the EU banned Samsung ( cause it looked to apple like ) why did they waste time making it at all, turn it off. Let us decide if we want your plastic overlay!
    You make excellent hardware, leave it at that, I mean really, those that love this idea speak up and be heard,
    WE WANT OUR WIZZ OFF ! , and we want it NOW !!
  • No...tell us how you REALLY feel... I get the desire for stock, but if every phone was 100% stock, things would be pretty damn boring looking. Should it somehow be installable like the Galaxy Tab 10.1: Absolutely...have two OTA upgrade paths if need be. To say absolutely no enhancements though would be pretty sad, considering that one of Android's advantages is choice, and the enhancements that these manufacturer's provide aren't all bad.
  • Exactly! I hate stock android cause its very boring, with a manufacturer UI it adds more features that make the phone more useful, touchwiz 4.0 is great, i used it on my samsung vibrant.
  • What you want me to lie ?
    WHAT Choice ? unless you root your device and GASP void the warranty.
    yes you can enable a different home, but that does not free up the wasted space the vendor just feels they HAVE TO ADD.
    why not leave it generic and let users ADD what they want, this does not require 2 full deferring OTA updates,
    you want enhancements they can easily be added later if you wanted them , but filling up every device with FLUFF, yes I said it, Fluff, its candy, that eats batteries and slow the device down, I want efficient and stable devices first, and open ended ability to add WHAT I WANT, not what they think I want. you like it, fine , its no more a ENHANCEMENT than a simple tweak of what is already there, its not like they spent hours on it, TW is nothing more than a simple hack, that eats space batteries and give you fluff, nothing more nothing less.
    I like my Androids, like I like your response , to the point , no wasted time, or battery !
    WizzOFF, SenseOFF , BlurOFF ( and delete program while your at it ) FREEDOM !
  • I'm at die hard samsung fan, and I hated touch wiz but touch wiz 4.0 works so good, and its so fast and everything just works. I think this is one of the only phones where you do not have to root to make it work. Also Touchwiz has some very nice features such as the resizable widgets, the power control options in the notification bar, being able to browser through all the files on your phone with "my files" instead of having to down load a app to do it, being able to adjust your screen brightness by holding either end of the notification bar, being able to go to your contacts or the contact name in the messaging app and just swype left to go straight to message or swype right to call the person. Also the touchwiz camera app blows the aosp camera app away.
  • +100
  • maybe going all pure Android on all devices is extreme, but so is the alternative of forcing customers to use skins and widgets that slow down the phone, kill the batteries, add extra bugs and delay updates. Can't there be a medium where the skins and widgets are not so deeply integrated, or at least are easily disabled so when OS updates are available they are can be installed without waiting for the manufacturers and carriers to tweak it in order to work with their features? If these skins were really that great then what would the harm in being able to uninstall or disable them be? I mean why would they have to force it if people really wanted it in the first place?
  • Companies need as much differentiation as possible, otherwise they have no features to tout over competitors. Normally it breeds competition and positive/negative customer feedback, which should eventually produce better products (aka Thank God they discarded motoblur). I actually like TW over the vanilla build of android. Either way, once you get bored of it, just place another launcher on top of it with one of the market apps.
  • You really did throw that Infuse haha. But yea very neat way of adding widgets and icons to the homescreens. Waiting for my SGSIIE4GT to be delivered this week. Can't wait!
  • Been using this on the aussie version for a while. It's really annoying that it takes so long to scroll through the widgets this way though.
  • Choosing a widget this way is actually really *stupid* if you have a long, long list of widgets with varying sizes. TW scrolls only pagewise 4 icons at a time. My thumb's sore once I finally reach the stereotypical end of the list where the widget I'm usually looking for is located...
  • Yeah was going to mention MIUI. Wasn't there rumors of Samsung buying up MIUI? Seems like they've already started. Personally, the ease with which things are added to home screens isn't too much of a concern.
    I dunno you take away the ugly icons TW could be worse.
  • Awesome! Love the new way of adding stuff to the homescreen in the new version of Touchwiz!!!
  • I just got the AT&T version of the Galaxy s2 and works great except for some reason the agenda today widget won't resize like it's supposed to. All the other widgets do, but not that one. I was hoping to do my homescreen similar to the s2 stock photo but can't because of this. I really like everything else though.