Samsung's Galaxy Tag is a Tile competitor that could launch with the S21

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What you need to know

  • Samsung is reportedly launching its own Bluetooth trackers this month.
  • They're branded the Galaxy Smart Tags, and are said to launch alongside the S21 and Galaxy Buds Pro next week.
  • Reports place the pricing of these upcoming tags as just under $20.

On January 14, Samsung will debut the Galaxy S21 at its first Unpacked event for 2021. It is also predicted to launch a new pair of earbuds, dubbed the Galaxy Buds Pro. However, new leaks indicate that it may launch an extra accessory accompanying both devices, the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag.

The Galaxy Smart Tag will be a Tile tracker competitor, allowing you to keep track of your property so long as you've tagged it. Images and details have come out via the folks over at 91Mobiles, and we can see what the upcoming device would look like.

Samsung Galaxy Smarttag Live Image

Source: 91Mobiles (Image credit: Source: 91Mobiles)

The Smart Tag looks like a small rounded object, somewhat reminiscent of a key-ring. Users will be able to clip it to a lanyard courtesy of a small hole in the body, and it will connect with other Samsung devices courtesy of Bluetooth 5.1. It'll also be compatible with Samsung's SmartThings platform of course, and users will be able to use its "Find" feature with the new Galaxy Tag. 91Mobiles says it's set to come in Black and Oatmeal colors, and it'll cost around 1,300 Indian Rupees, or just under $20.

Samsung often competes with Apple on a broad-scale, offering alternative options to Apple's product slate. The fruit company is said to be releasing its own tracker, branded as AirTags, so it makes sense that Samsung would be releasing Bluetooth trackers of its own to pre-empt them.

Whether Samsung will launch these Galaxy Smart Tags with the S21 or not will quickly become clear. January 14 is just around the corner, and we haven't long to wait.

  • Apple supposedly already has them ready but has been delaying them. So Samsung decided to rush in creating their own to beat Apple to it so they can claim being "First".
  • They hardly "rushed in". Air tags have been rumoured for 2 or 3 years now.
  • I love my Tile's. I have them on all my keys, billfold, backpack, you name it. I think I have 12 of them now. Great for seniors like me who forget what they did 30 seconds ago. I can find anything with them. Not sure what will be different with Samsung and Apple devices.
  • Could be very handy if they've been preemptively building support into their phone software for a mesh network of sorts, but entirely useless if it isn't on by default.
  • They have had 'offline finding' in the Find My Phone app under settings for a number of months now, so provided this is defaulted to be active on all phones they should have a pretty large mesh network available already which would presumably be larger than Tiles.