Samsung's Galaxy Nexus signup sheet shows 7 US carriers

All kidding and interweb trolling aside, nobody really thinks the Galaxy Nexus will be a Verizon exclusive.  But the site to register for more information (opens in new tab) does have something there few were expecting -- the Galaxy Nexus looks to be launching on more than just the big four in the US.  Besides Verizon, we see listings you would have imagined, like Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T, as well as a few others -- Cellular South, Metro PCS, and US Cellular.

A Nexus phone on every major US carrier?  Who would have imagined that two years ago.  Nice work Google and Samsung, let's hope it's not a misprint or typo.  We'll be on the lookout for individual carrier announcements in the coming days and weeks.

Source: @AshleyEsqueda

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Oh please I need to trade in the Evo 4G for this
  • +1 evo trade in!!!! YES YES YEYES YES F@$K YES!!!!!!!!
  • I hate to say this. But dont get too happy just yet. Samsung listed Verizon for the SGSII signup sheet and well, we all know what happend there.
  • But did you see one single test model? No, they used Verizon Nexus phones for the video demo. They aren't going to announce a carrier and dump it less than a month from release.
  • thats not the point he was making (at least i hope not)...the verizon gsII thing alluded to the same thing possibly happening to the other carriers
  • @bdroc. Exactly!
  • I'd be much happier if it was a Google Sign Up sheet, rather than a Samsung one. (I already signed up at the google page mentioned here yesterday). This seems like samsung looking for votes about which carrier they should go with next. AT&T will probably win that contest because they have such a thin selection of carrier-messed-up android phones. I just want to buy it outright, I don't want to pay AT&T for it.
  • Me too!
  • Oh please I need to trade in the OG Droid for this :)
  • I'm on the same boat =)
  • I am so right there with you. I love my EVO, but this phone and the ICS OS is a beauty. :-)
  • I would upgrade to this if it would support sprint LTE. wouldn't even wait till sprint lte is turned on.
  • YAY!!! Sprint is getting the Galaxy Nexus. This is so my next phone.
  • It would say it is highly unlikely. The web form is just that- a web form. It is probably the same form they use for everything listing all the bigger carriers, and they reuse it over and over again. It means absolutely nothing about which carriers will get the phone.
  • FIRST!!! Anyways I'm totally gonna get this on sprint!! Goodbye epic 4G
  • Fail. That's all I have to say.
  • Still can't get over this XD, this is the worse "first" attempt post I have ever seen. Mo_Chedda, save yourself the embarrassment and delete or edit your failed comment or something.
  • So why didn't Verizon get a Galaxy SII device?
  • maybe they saw no point in having two similar phones and just go with the more important one.
  • "More important" is highly subjective. It can easily be argued that a Droid RAZR or a SGSII that Verizon can put all of its branding and crapware on is better in Verizon's eyes. An unbranded no crapware stock Android device doesn't make Verizon happy like a locked down device does.
  • Yet they carried the Samsung Fascinate and Continuum at the same time.
  • 2 samsung phones. Especially when theyre rolling out the razr
  • Droid RAZR I bet.
  • No, the RAZR was put here to piss all of us Bionic owners off!
  • Hah that, too.
  • And it worked... im pissed.
  • that piss off a lot of people and is stupid by moto part the RAZR could have been release early next year and be the first ICS phone to it beside the Galaxy Nexus
  • I never thought in a million years that U.S. Cellular would pick up the Galaxy Nexus given their track record with get devices that are "new." If U.S. Cellular don't take forever to release it, I will wait on this to come out and pass up on the Electrify (Photon.)
  • With rumors about US Cellular LTE network in 2012... this will be awesome especially with the crappy Belief Points saved up, planning on getting 2 on a family plan ;)
  • My plan exactly
  • I'll go on record and say that I think that page confirms nothing. All that drop down carrier list is doing is mining for data to determine where carrier demand is.
  • +1 to that, and its pretty obvious.
  • Carrier demand is everywhere. Its in Samsung and Google's best interest to offer it everywhere.
  • This is just the same thing that happened for the Galaxy S2 a few months back. Same page for the s2 and it asks for the carrier you want information on. Nothing important.
  • Seeing how this sign up page is on Samsungs site, and not Googles, tells you that it is more a data mining than it is a tell tale of carriers getting it. Samsung doesn't get to decide who gets it, Google does. Samsung wants to see if the next phone they make, with similar specs, will be in demand everywhere or on a few carriers. Googles sign up page is the way to go otherwise, they will tell you when its available and what carrier, not the other way around.
  • And that's my point. Its in Google's best interest to offer it on any carrier, as well as unlocked. And Samsung just wants to sell phones and be Google's partner.
  • Sure it's in google's best interest, but that doesn't mean it will happen. If you remember with the nexus 1, it first was released on T-Mo, with the other 3 major carriers listed as "coming soon" on the nexus website. But we all know that never materialized.
  • Finally, a rational person.
  • Maybe it didn't. But but in round 2(nexus s) it made it to 3 out of 4. With big red the odd man out last time I'm betting all 4 will get the gn. With iPhone now on sprint Google knows how important it is to get this thing into more hands.
  • sprint :D its weird even metro lol
  • shoot no one thought that Sprint would get a Iphone and look at them now. if this gets to be release on metro i'll be a happy person.
  • Please please let me get this phone, if its true then ill be so happy. Sprint galaxy nexus yessss!
  • it will be renamed to "Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4G Touch" if it goes there
  • U forgot "with LTE"
  • So wait let me get this straight this phone will be on AT&T network?
  • The Nexus S and Nexus One were on AT&T... It is GSM with standardized frequencies and SIM cards. You can put any AT&T SIM in a GSM Nexus.
  • Yeah I don't think that really shows which carriers it is going to. Its basically almost every carrier in the US. Probably just tracking which ones have the most demand or like someone else said more data mining.
  • Exactly. It is just a stupid, stock, webform. It means nothing and has nothing to do with which carriers will get it.
  • They did say during the presentation that it would be coming to other carriers based upon demand.
  • WOWOWW!! 7 carriers!!! Excellent!! Let see the official carrier annoucements soon!! :)
  • If I get this phone on Sprint I am going with the 32gb model since no micro SD card support.
  • fyi the link for registering: It wasn't obvious from the article (but it was linked in source)
  • The only signup page I found didn't have the dropdown. Just a space for an email address. Most likely will release unlocked GSM version compatible with ATT and Tmo. Meaning, no subsidies. Just like the original.
  • LOL @ all the butthurt Verizon fanboys mad because the phone wont be exclusive! Makes me happy everyone is getting the phone.
  • It was just thought to be a period of initial exclusivity, which it still might turn out to be.
  • It will be exclusive to Verizon to start. As others have said this page means nothing. If Sprint gets the Galaxy Nexus it will likely be sometime in 2012. BTW, I'm on Sprint and would also like to have this phone, I'm just more realistic I guess?
  • Uhhhm where do you see Verizon fan Boys bitching because it wont be exclusive? Point 2: Nothing about this is a release of what carriers will have it. Point 3: you're a tool.
  • I think he meant that currently, VZW fanboys were making noise because it will be exclusive on their network.
  • I'm VERY disappointed in the user experience in this sign up form. Really, Samsung? A javascript alert confirmation and then clear the form? What is this, 2001? Also, why not allow the user to select multiple carriers of interest? What if I'm considering leaving Sprint for Metro PCS, but I still want to see my options! This is an OUTRAGE!
  • Mark my words: It'll get to most all carriers, and it will be subsidized. This is the big push to bring the Nexus brand to the masses. This will help Google maintain control of the user experience (because then people will want stock Android), and make it a lot more profitable to be the manufacturer that wins the Nexus bid. Just wait and see...
  • there are some prepaid carriers, i don't think they will sell subsidized, considering no contract.
  • Touche. I "subsidized" on the carriers that offer it.
  • Touche. I "subsidized" on the carriers that offer it.
  • from the prepaid carriers i think of two MetroPCS and U.S.Cellular. Metro has LTE already so this phone would benefit them.
  • Would be neat to see it on Metro they have good 4g and 3g now in central Florida.
  • i just sign up for it and selected metro this phone would help metro big time
  • Ya can't really beat unlimited everything with 4g, no caps and no throttled speed for $50 taxes and BS included.
  • why introduce a phone and have unknown carriers? it's like giving your customer blue balls! yeah yea i heard the argument that the carriers want to make the announcements - so then make them already FFS! if the carriers want to make announcements - say go ahead fine - but you must make them within 1 hour after Google/Samsung's intro. now we all have blue balls. everyone was excited for the phone but we are almost all mystified as to where and even IF we can buy it via our current carrier. WTF???? THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!!!!!!!! have the carriers lined up and announced and stop confusing the F******** customer! i want some F********* answers! i want the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!
  • +1 i want some answers too this blue balls is killing me.
  • somebody get Rubin on the phone!!! at least Apple tells you the carriers available! imagine if Apple released a new iPhone and was ambiguous on the carriers?
  • I think slowly rolling out the phone to different carriers like they did with the N1 and NS doesn't works with a phone like this. It is the definition of an early adopter device and the longer it takes for it to go from announcement to being available on a carrier the more likely early adopters will buy something else. Announce all the carriers at once then you can stagger the releases like they did with the GS2.
  • some of my co-works saw the event last night and are shock how beautiful ICS looks and they all have Iphone 4S. and to your comment yeah they need to most people that have android don't under stance how big the nexus phone are because the way they are release.
  • double post
  • I think they are fishing for there email list to grow, Sprint for one does not have LTE.
  • Most email-subscription forms like this I feel are mining for email addresses, not just this Samsung one. That's why I purposely unchecked the "I would like to hear about the latest..." box :P
  • i use a dummy email for this type of crap. i don't trust anyone to not spam me or sell me out!
  • If they start spamming me, I can just filter their emails out in Gmail :)
  • Great detective work, Holmes! Need I remind you that the EVO 4G suffered the same limited/nill support out of the gate? Sprint has LTE ready in test areas, like WiMax had when the EVO was launched. The only diff this time is LTE is a sure tech. And if sprint wanted to set right the WiMax fiasco to the Sprint loyals; they will release the Galaxy Nexus ASAP with a CDMA/LTE radio. BTW, isn't Verizon a CDMA network too?
  • for those that have Sprint - just curious - which would you rather have - A. Galaxy Nexus with Wimax chip functional today - obsolete in 2012.
    B. Galaxy Nexus with LTE chip but turned off and won't be functional until 2012. for me - i'll take option B please - and i'm fine with it.
  • Option B Fo Sho! I don't even have WiMax in my area anyway. No difference for me.
  • my guess is option B will never happen. it would result in bad/confusing marketing/PR for Sprint and also engineering/production/resource/partner conflicts.
  • if i was on Sprint i'll go with option B just for the fact Sprint can use the nexus to test their LTE network.
  • Gekko I don't think Sprint is going to see this phone until 2012 if at all. Take this with a grain of salt. I'm hearing there's a possibility that Sprint will skip this phone and get the Galaxy S lll with LTE on mid 2012. If true, I'm all over that.
  • Sprint will get the Galaxy Nexus. Remember, they had to wait for the Nexus S too. And I hope you get over your fear of buyers remorse and finally get rid of that Moto Startac!! (The last phone you were "all over"!)
  • Ummm wtf are you talking about? LMAO!
  • B will work for me
  • this phone can help MetroPCS expand and grow fast
  • Happy early xmas to me
  • Sadly this is nothing but a wet dream, and you will wake up with with your smelly dog kissing you good morning to reality. It really sucks Verizon got the rights to this phone first, exclusivity sucks for smartphones. I hate Apple, but they do it right, release it on the three biggest U.S. carriers at the same time, and across dozens of other carriers world wide. Plus their updates always make it the older generation phone at the same time the new device launches. iOS5 came out Wednesday the 12th for the old iPhone4, and then on Friday the 14th, the new gen iPhone4S released. Google how bout doing it this way. Release the Galaxy-Nexus on all three major U.S. carriers on the same date, and also have Android 4.0 ready to install across all Android phones made in 2011. Yeah, then I woke up.
  • that's one of the areas i don't like. Google should just force phone companies and carries to release the new update by a set date. like Google can say November 27 Galaxy nexus comes out and ICS will be release to all other phone by December 10 and a list showing which feature's those phones won't have. Apple did the same thing IPhone 4 doesn't have siri it's only on the 4s and i bet any IPhone under the 4 is missing a lot of feature.
  • sorry double post
  • Apple got it right?!? It took them 3 years to make available to 2 carriers and 4 to to make it 3! Follow!?
  • maybe it's just asking to see how many they get per carrier and decide which carrier should release it next?
  • Most likely the case. Verizon is a lock already, and then...
  • Dang it, now I have to sign up, despite the fact that I think it's just a honeypot to sell to spammers. The slim chance you're right makes me have to sign up. Thanks.
  • Could it be Samsung trying to judge interest? Dan
  • /off-topic && /sarcasm 1. AT&T Acquisition of T-Mobile fails
    2. Google Acquisition of Motorola succeeds
    3. Google Acquisition of T-Mobile Succeeds
    4. Android Becomes Self-aware manufacturing continual perfected models of itself upon Googorola devices with G-Mobile Blood flowing through its veins.
    5. Declares war on all other carriers by offering competitive pricing on the (New sole line of) Nexus Device, that has a no-monthly fee charge for signing waivers allowing the mining of all pertinent usage and location, data, cell usage trending information. 6. But seriously alter step 4 to not have Googorola be "The" only line of Nexus Device and trim step 5 to allow for the changes in step 4 and offer an opt-out-so-now-you-have-to-pay-a-monthly-fee clause and it (Alice in wonderland) Could happen! Isn't that right Whitney?(!)
    "Crack is whack"
  • The best comment in this sea of comments.
  • I used to be on Metro PCS a couple of years back. Their coverage here in New York City is actually not bad. Imagine that, a Galaxy Nexus for less than $600 and at $60 a month (taxes and bull s*** fees included)!!!!
  • plus LTE
  • Grabs the Sword of Omens and chants: "Sword of Omens, give me hope beyond hope that Sprint will get the Galaxy Nexus"!
  • While I expect that they will wait until 2012 to get it to Sprint, that's ok...will give me some time to save up since I'll have to buy it for the full price as I just got a Photon a bit ago and just joined Sprint.
  • and if Sprint gets it next year it would have LTE on it
  • I'm reading that people plan to trade in their phones. What are the parameters around this and the limitations? Is this standard practice for those still under contract that want the latest and greatest?
  • I'll be trading in my 3vo for this for sure.
  • WHY have an exclusive on a DEVELOPER phone? WTF are DEVELOPERS on Sprint and AT&T etc. supposed to do? if i am Google and i want to grow the platform and the ecosystem and i roll out a new OS - don't i want ALL MAJOR CARRIERS to get the DEVELOPER phone asap?????? YOU DO NOT DO EXCLUSIVES OR HAVE DELAYS WITH DEVELOPER PHONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUMB MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Just imagine... Truly Unlimited... Galaxy Nexus Prime Epic 4G Touch with Ice Cream Sandwich goodness... On the NOW Network... Come on SPRINT!!!! You know you want it!!!!! XD
  • Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! Sprint!!! GOOOOO SPRIIIINT!!
  • Going exclusively to just one carrier would only sale more iphones. All major carriers is a must.
  • This will be on Sprint. Question is, will it have LTE that is able to be enabled when the network is available. Would be a smart move by Sprint if they try this. Otherwise, I'm staying with the Photon until LTE phones are available next year.
  • They also had all the carriers for the Galaxy S II and nothing came from it. I signed up for the verizon notice of the S II to no avail.
  • Considering my contract is up January 2013 I am looking forward to the Nexus that comes after this one. This will be an old slow phone by the time I upgrade.