Samsung's 980 Pro SSD will feature a built-in heatsink for PS5 later this year

PS5 SSD installation
PS5 SSD installation (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung's flagship SSD, the 980 Pro, has been confirmed to be PS5 compatible.
  • Currently PS5 owners will have to install a separate heatsink or other cooling structure when fitting the 980 Pro, as per Sony's M.2 SSD requirements.
  • Samsung will ship the 980 Pro with its own built-in heatsink later this year.

Alongside the recent PS5 update which, amongst other things, allows M.2 SSDs to be installed into the console internally, Sony have released a series of performance and size requirements. Samsung has confirmed that the excellent 980 Pro SSD falls within these boundaries, something that will be sure to please PS5 owners looking to upgrade their storage space with something reliable and fast.

The Samsung 980 Pro is one of the bestPS5 SSDs out there, and is sure to be a great addition to your console, whenever you are ready to upgrade the storage. Installing the SSD is simpler than it sounds, but that is not all that PS5 owners will need to think about. As it currently stands, those that are looking to improve their storage capacity are required to aid the cooling of their new SSD by ensuring that a heatsink is also installed, whether separately or as part of the SSD. Cooling is less of a problem in a PC, where the airflow is much better than that found in the PS5, therefore it is something that console owners should be aware of.

The Samsung 980 Pro does not currently come with a heatsink, something that the company are set to rectify later this year, though the exact date of this is unclear. The convenience of a heatsink being added to a great SSD option is something that those with a PS5 will take notice of, particularly people that aren't confident with the inner workings and don't want to mess with their console too much. PC owners will also be pleased with a new addition to an already stellar SSD. The 980 Pro coupled with a heatsink represents an excellent choice then, and is surely one of many SSD options that will be announced as PS5 compatible going forward.

Samsung 980 Pro

Samsung 980 Pro

Featuring excellent performance and a range of capacity options, this is a versatile and reliable SSD that can now be used to improve your PS5 storage. The imminent addition of a heatsink is a welcome bonus too.

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