Samsung working on ultrasonic cover for the Galaxy Note 4

Samsung will likely be offering some new functionality in the Galaxy Note 4, which is set to be unveiled soon enough, but the company could well be looking to add unique covers to the list of accessories. It's reported that Samsung is developing an ultrasonic cover, specifically designed for those who are visually impaired and wish to use the device.

The cover would be able to detect nearby objects and provide appropriate feedback. According to SamMobile sources, three levels of sensitivity are to be available, covering short, medium and long ranges. This won't replace physical aids available today and isn't meant to be utilized without aid from a guide dog or other means, but it's a handy option nonetheless.

Samsung isn't shy when it comes to packing as many features and interesting advances in to products as possible, but sometimes it seems as though the company really has some great ideas, this ultrasonic cover being one of them. The cover is expected to be announced alongside the Galaxy Note 4, so we'll hopefully have more details at the start of next month.

Let us know what you'd like to see in the Galaxy Note 4.

Source: SamMobile

Rich Edmonds