Samsung working on a foldable phone for 2018

One of the most common criticisms of the Galaxy Note 8 was that Samsung played things too safe. It's understandable after the Note 7 debacle last year, but part of the appeal of the Note series was that it was more than just a big screen and a pen. The Note line would often debut with a newer processor than the corresponding Galaxy S phone of the year, new materials, or both. But since the Note 5, the Note line has largely mirrored the design language and feature set of the Galaxy S series.

That may be changing next year. Bloomberg reports that Samsung Electronics President Koh Dong-jin is targeting a 2018 release for a smartphone with a foldable display. The company has been trying to make foldable displays for the past few years, but maybe a new advancement has made the flexible devices possible. From Bloomberg:

"As the head of the business, I can say our current goal is next year," [Koh] told reporters. "When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product.

Such a device would let users fit the device in a normal pants pocket — though it will certainly be thicker when folded — then unfold the display for watching movies, reading books, or doing productive work. Combined with Samsung's Dex docking stations and Knox security suite, the devices could be a boon for enterprise customers. Similar functioning devices include the Kyocera Echo and upcoming ZTE Axon Multy, though those devices both use two displays rather than one foldable panel.

Bloomberg also said Samsung's Boxby-powered smart speaker is still in the works, though there is no information on when the device will be formally announced or available to purchase.

Would you be interested in a phone with a foldable display? Let us know down below!

  • If I recall correctly, "youm" was the name of a foldable screen Samsung showcased a few years back.
  • Nice videos:
  • Thanks for the link to the videos on Verge, if the 2nd one makes it to market I'm all in
  • Agree with you on that 2nd video.
  • All hail the moto razr
  • Still one of my favorite phones ever
  • Lol what's the deal with the throw-away comment at the end about the"boxby" speaker? Didn't seem to have anything to do with the rest of the article lol
  • Not interested in foldable phones.
  • The people that question why they would want a foldable phone are showing their young age. I miss my Razr
  • Just make a note 8 flip phone and I'll be happy.
  • It's a gimmick until Apple makes one 5 years later!
  • Haha so true
  • Just like wireless charging.
  • Haha i agree.
  • Why would you want a bendable phone? I don't get the benefit of this idea.
  • For the same reasons flip phones where so popular. Take something big fold it in half makes it more pocket friendly
  • I'm looking forward to the "boxby" speaker ha
  • The question is not whether why "would" be interested in a foldable display, but why "should" I be interested? The possibility of Samsung bringing out a foldable display for 2018 just seems like a gimmick to me.
  • You mean a gimmick like the note 1, curve screens , S pen ,samsung pay , iris scanner, fast charging, split screen see where I'm going with this ..kinda sounds like all features of the new iPhone X . That Samsung made main stream first
  • lol not even all yet..iphonex still lacks iris scanning,split-screen/multitasking, voice command, etc....not even simply automatically saving your sms to drafts when you accidentally press the back button while forgetting to put a recipient
  • The curved screen was a gimmick, is a gimmick and always will be a gimmick. The only "useful feature" - and I am using the term "useful" very liberally - was the glowing edge if you received a notification with the device face down. Besides that, anything you can do with the curved screen can be done on a flat panel, without the $h!tty reflection!
  • Samsung 2013 ->
  • This article is literally released once a year. I hope it's true this time. Can't wait for my tablet phone hybrid.
  • I could wish for a foldable mobile with e-ink cover page like YOTAPHONE and when the phone opens, all the other apps will come.
  • I wonder what shape the Boxby speaker is.
  • Samsung might do it first, but Apple will "make it cool", let's be real now.
  • Actually, it's the last thing I want. The less things move on my phone the less there is to break. Then there's the size issue....slim and small are my ideal.