Samsung Within gets approved at the FCC, all 4 gees good to go

Android Central reader skwon09 was trolling through the FCC site, as Android geeks are wont to do, and stumbled across what's surely the Samsung Within freshly certified with Sprint's radios, including Wimax 4G.  With a model number of SPH-D710, and a backplate that lines up pretty perfectly with the leaked Samsung Within images we saw leaked earlier in the month, there's little doubt that this is the Galaxy S 2 version everyone on Sprint has been waiting for.

Could this be the Galaxy S 2 that should hit the states this August, or will one of the AT&T versions we've seen take that prize?  Only the shadow, err, the carriers know.

Source: FCC; via Android Central forumsThanks, Josh!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Oh yeah! First BTW
  • I can't believe the GS2 is going to be here before the Bionic. Way to drop the ball Moto!
  • Shweeeeet
  • SWEET! Wimax onboard holds good hope that Verizon's may be LTE. But if it isn't Sprint here I come!
  • If you look at this phone's dimensions and design you'll notice they are very similar to the Infuse 4G. It will have a 4.5 inch screen.
  • 4.5" screen probably means $299 on contract.
  • Which probably means I will be buying a Nexus S 4G for $100 on contract.
  • Best Buy has the Nexus S 4G for free this week btw.
  • Oh thanks. I noticed that too but it's only for new customers. I'm upgrading so it's still $99.99.
  • $299? Not a chance in hell. This phone will be $199 with a two year contract.
  • The Epic was $249 on contract (with mail-in rebate). I would not be surprised if the Within follows the same path, but $199 would be nice, too.
  • True but the epic was priced higher because it had a hardware keyboard. It looks like this will be a touch only device with no keyboard and if thats the case then $199 seems about right if it does have a keyboard then $249 will be more likely.
  • Omg, this just made my day! :) great bday present?
  • I knew something was coming this week! Now all we need is confirmation on the specs! 4.5 is fine, single core is ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
  • I didn't have a chance to look at the filing yet. Does it look like it has NFC?
  • At this stage that would be a must for me.
  • The feature letter doesn't include mention of NFC so it doesn't look like it will include NFC (unless Samsung doesn't consider that a feature)
  • This is perfect for spirnt another great device. Dualcore monsters galore on an UNLIMITED NETWORK. Just look at these devices EVO 3D, PHOTON 4G, SAMSUNG WITHIN 4G, AND HTC HERO 4G, who's better than SPRINT in the smartphone space?? Sprint has KICKED CARRIER BUTT ALL YEAR LONG...
  • As a long time, and overall happy Sprint customer, I would like to ask you to please erase from your memory that you have Shift and Caps Lock keys. It's embarrassing.
  • at least he is not YELLING ALL THE TIME!
  • so looking at this does the FCC filing reveal if this has a physical keyboard or not. I really hope it doesn't
  • Please don't spell 4G's as 4 gees.
  • I'll definitely be upgrading my EVO 4G to this phone. I've watched many S2 reviews on YouTube and I'm very impressed with it. Even Engadget gave it a 9 out of 10, which is really rare for them to do on a non-Apple product. The only other smartphones (besides iPhone) that scored a 9 from them were the EVO 4G and Atrix 4G. I know Samsung has a rep of being super slow with updates compared to HTC and Motorola, so I'm hoping this phone isn't going to be too buggy right out of the box.
  • Now that it's passed through the fcc how long until they give us a release date?
  • I remember an article/post a while back saying that the cases for the Sprint, AT&T and Verizon versions of the Galaxy S2 were the same but the T-Mobile case was different. Everyone assumed that meant that T-Mobile was getting a slider version and the others would get the slab. It seems now like its the opposite. That T-Mobile will get the slab and everyone else will get the slider. If this phone is 3mm thicker than the Galaxy S2 it must be a slider, or have a huge battery. So, 4.5" sliders for everyone!
  • where does it say it's thicker?
  • my bad, I misread and saw 3mm wider and thought it meant thicker. So, it could be a slab or a slider, since we don't actually know what the thickness is. But if the reports about the cases being the same was accurate that would still suggest that Verizon, AT&T and Sprint will be releasing slider versions of the SGS2.
  • Its 5mm taller and 3mm wider meaning it probably has a 4.5 inch screen which makes perfect sense since sprint has already plenty of 4.3 inch screen phones. Why the hell would sprint release a 4.5 inch screen phone with a keyboard. Get real.
  • Why would AT&T release a phone with a 4.3" screen and keyboard? Because they believe people will buy them. These companies are in business to make money, they run more focus groups than movie studios. If they release a phone its because they have pretty solid data indicating that people will buy it. They're not always right, because the execution doesn't always live up to the design expectation, but that doesn't mean there is no market. Even if it turns out that this phone is not a slider, it does not mean that the logic behind the idea was wrong. Why don't you try to think from a different perspective before calling someone out and realize that there are people who have different needs/wants than you. I'm quite sure I know what I'm talking about, do you?
  • I hope it has world phone capability
  • Looking at the original PDF, the last page says that it is scaled 1:1, but a quick measurement of the label shows that is is actually a 3:2 scale. That said, this means that the phone is 130mm x 69mm. This is just SLIGHTLY smaller than the Infuse 4G, which measures 132mm x 71mm, but much larger than the GS2's 125mm x 66mm.
  • interesting observation, however the leaks from earlier this week match exactly to the fcc filing and they reported it had a 4.5 inch screen
  • i hope this is not the case. if it is 4.5 inch i will be getting the hero 4g. thanks again for ruining a great phone sprint
  • Seeing that the blurry cam already had the Sprint logo and now it's finally got the FCC stamp of approval how long will it take for the official announcement/specs to be released? I would think in the next few days, no?
  • Wow Looks like the Samsung Gahudi is on the way Great Scoop AC Looks like the Galaxy S is coming to Sprint You guys need to double check those sources who constantly lie to u
  • has another schematic that has dimensions.
  • Considering the success of the Samsung phones and the rumors of an updated Epic 4G I would guess this is a 4.5 inch phone non slider. They already have 2 good current gen 4.3 phones (EVO 3D and Photon) and no 4.5 inch phone. The leaked pictures are clearly not slider phones! Can't wait for my SGII 4.5 ultra thin phone!
  • Do you guys realize how small the few mm difference is? Come on... get serious. 4.5" screen because of a marginal difference in height and width? It's probably no more than a minor adjustment necessary to accomodate the wimax radio.
  • Just because the difference doesn't seem that big to you, it doesn't mean it won't matter to other people. You have to realize different things are important to different people. For me, 4.3 inches was already pushing it for a screen size I want on my phone and 4.5 is just too big. For you 4.5 might be just fine.
  • Huh? I was saying that the dimension difference probably isn't for a larger screen, but only to fit in the larger radio or possibly a different case design. On the other hand, if you don't want a large screen, you're perfectly able to buy a different phone. This one will have a big screen that sounds like you're already uncomfortable with. Pretty funny that .2 inches more crosses your limit somehow. :)
  • Gotta agree. CDMA phones always go a touch bigger due to their radios, especially wth WIMAX. If it was the Infuse it would have been even bigger. I don't mind the 4.5in. screen, but single core would be a deal breaker. I know many say that it's not necessary, but at this point in the game you aren't 2-year future proofed pumping a single engine.
  • I'm fine with 4.5. I went and messed with the Infuse and you see can tell the difference.
  • This is not the galaxy s2. It will not have the exynos processor or the button on the front. It will be dual core tho. Probably tegra2. I dont know why the american carriers have to mess up such a great phone.
  • And you were able to deduce all of this from the drawing?
  • NONE of the Android phones Samsung makes for the US have the button in the middle. That's a European thing.
  • Sorry but this is probably at least partially incorrect. The model number of this phone had showed up on the NenaMark benchmark site awhile back, which points to a tester downloading and running the benchmark on a prototype. It shows the same processor as the one in the international version of the Galaxy SII. Very unlikely that this will have a Tegra2 in it. Whether it has the single button on the front or not remains to be seen, but I'm guessing it won't have it. American carriers seem to like the 4 capacitive button row on their devices.
  • Verizon wake the fuck up! People want good phones to go along with the best service, not to mention the most expensive, biggest rip off carrier! With all that money you should be playing samsung to let you get this first.
  • As long as you continute to pay them, they'll be content to take your money and keep doing the same thing. You're welcome.
  • No shit lol thats my point. Im paying all this money I want better phones. I tried sprint for 5 months, second biggest garbage to me behind T-Mobile. Slow internet service sucks, good customer service though.
  • i agree, with how much of a premium big red charges for their phones, they should be the first out with most, not releasing slightly retouched, almost a year old phones and charging $50-$100 more!
  • love the reference to "The Shadow"