Samsung Vibrant update available on Kies, but T-Mobile says don't install it

While getting everything ready to write up the obligatory How To manually update your Samsung Vibrant post, we stumbled across the above.  We're not exactly sure what these known issues may be, but T-Mobile is warning users NOT to do the manual update through the Samsung Kies program, but to patiently wait for the OTA. 

If you haven't already updated, don't.  Carriers don't have to help those who jumped the gun, so it's better to be safe without a GPS fix than to be sorry with a bad update that makes things worse.  If you have already updated, hopefully T-Mobile can get you back on track, or maybe the unofficial Vibrant developers can.  Don't worry, Phil checks every three minutes or so for the update on his Vibrant, so as soon as we see it, we'll holler.  [@T-Mobile_USA]

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • I installed it through ODIN... Works just fine. No issues... I was running stock ROM, rooted, with JAC's v9 kernel, my own theme, GPS and lag fixes. etc etc... installed on top if that. Had to re-log in to facebook twitter, etc, but no loss of apps or anything.
  • Yeah I did that too but I have a sneaking feeling that it should be better than it is...anyone have a link to some instructions to revert it? I'll probably wait till I know it's being rolled out to revert it but I still would rather have the official OTA when it is released. Ballz
  • Dumbasses! Dont screw that girl she has aids...ah, I went ahead and screwed her, everything seems find...i dont show any symptoms!
  • Cant you just odin back the stock image if you screwed up? I've heard its impossible to really brick this phone.
    I love the hardware on this phone, i dislike the touchwiz interface
  • Update went just fine for me thru Kies. I wonder what the issues were that they were talking about.
  • Is this update only for the UK tmobile or for US also?
  • the issues are "its not the official update". lol. remember the whole droidX early flashers problem.. or the Evo4g early flashers issue? no? well, go look it up.. lol. if the test rom is on KIES, then its probably moments away from launch. Ill just wait for the official to stave off any potential future OTA problems like the other phones had. Also there may be some minor fixes from the Kies version to the OTA version. My GPS works fine lately (no more waking up and it telling me im in Germany.. lol). it just takes a little longer than most. I'll wait.
  • So this update is just a gps fix. Ah bullshit i thought its going to be froyo
  • Im having all the above mentioned issues with the samsung vibrants latest software update. I received the over the air while at school and have had nothing but problems since. The phones performance over all has drastically fallen. All apps and phone functions lag, even basic things like swipe. I use swype 100% of the time luv it I have customized my word library so txting is amazing fast. But with lag typing even the regular way is a pain in the ass. While the does the update effect swipe to unlock? You must now be very precise in dragging your thumb the fulll lenght of thr screen bottom to top to even use the phone wtf? Also the screen times out and the phone freezes up for 20sec when I try to enter the gallery. Whats w/ this?! What have we gained? The gps works no better probably worse since lag. Idk about u I was fine waiting 10 sec for the phone to grab my location be4, seriously. The thing that really erks me is when I play crash bandicoot on my $10 psx4droid and stuttering do to idk poor cpu management (maybe) happens. Thats a first nvr happend before. My overall question is, (i know a factory reset might solve these issues but ive had my vibrant since launch day 1 and ive slowly and extensivly customized it to my liking) to restart, redownload all my apps or back them up would be hell im busy I dnt have time 4that crap. Does anyone kno if another corrective type of update will arrive soon or is a reset neccesary? And what am I missing ws there as anything possitive?
  • Bricked after finally getting Kies Mini to find my TMo Vibrant last night and try to install 2.2 onto my 2.1.2 phone. This morning I look for a recovery path and find many blog reports to wait for OTA push of 2.2 - great. I can get to recovery with three keys and USB plug in. It gives the pink block greeting and cycles through the bright S but ends up black with lit white keys at the bottom. Is it time for Odin or a drive down to the TMo store? red2erni