Samsung UK: Frustrated with iPhone 4? We'll give you a free Galaxy S

In recent weeks, you may have heard of something called "Antennagate" flying around the web. In short, there is an issue with the iPhone 4's antenna, causing some to suddenly lose bars and drop calls. Many users who have had this issue have (naturally) been venting on Twitter, and Samsung has been listening. 

Samsung has had a flash of PR brilliance and has been giving away free, unlocked, and off-contract Galaxy S phones to angry (soon to be former) iPhone 4 users in the U.K. At least one user has reported that he has actually received the phone, and Samsung has been asking many other users for contact and shipping info. Check out their official Twitter account (@samsungukmobile) for yourself if you want to see the magic in action. [via Pocket-Lint]

Kyle Gibb
  • just checked the account and it's suspended.... Humm interesting oh NM, the twitter link goes to samsungmobile, NOT samsungUKmobile. samsungUKmobile is working... interesting pr move Samsung
  • I thinks this was a scam. The twitter account has been suspended.
    Looks like a few people just got conned out of their iPhone 4's.
  • no the account works, AC just got the link wrong, forgot to put the uk in between samsung and mobile.
  • Yup, sorry guys. Its been fixed.
  • I don't think they asked them to send in their iPhones. They just sent them a Galaxy S. This could very well deal a big blow to Apple if they continue to play this right. It could make the Galaxy S the direct replacement for an iPhone in many peoples minds if this story takes off and reaches mainstream news.
  • Yeah sorry, I just kind of assumed once I saw the link direct to a suspended twitter account.
  • This doesn't really make sense as stated. Anyone could complain and get a free phone and keep/sell either the iphone or the galaxy. To make more sense they either need to tie this into a contract or require the iphine to get turned in
  • this make perfect sense. You have a small select group of users griping about the iPhone "The Greatest Smart Phone ever built" and Apple is going "Screw off put a case on it to fix it because we will not" then along comes Samsung and poof 1000 (just using it as a figure) users get the Galaxy S. Those 1000 users go "WOW this phone does everything my iPhone 4 does and will make a call while I hold it too" Then they go off and tell their friends what a great phone it is the media comes along and says what a great company Samsung is. Say the build cost on the phone is $80 x 1000 units just cost them $8000, and in return they get MILLIONS of dollars in free advertisement. This is a brilliant idea and the guy that thought this up deserves a huge bonus as this is a win win for Samsung and EX-Apple fan boys.
  • 80 times a 1000 is actually 80,000 thousand. I believe the cost is a bit higher than that, and they are gonna have to give away more tahn a thousand probably to make ir work. However, if I was a company the size of Samsung I wouldn;t minf expending half a million in this, IF it works....
  • Wreaks of viral marketing to me ... and it worked as I checked it out. They are really promoting a competition to win a Galaxy S by liking them on facebook and giving them your details. Who knows who the couple of people are who they said they are sending phones to ... could be anyone. Should grab them some headlines and referrals though.
  • The British phone works perfectly on AT&T. Just sayin...