Galaxy S5

A report out of South Korea claims that Samsung shipped 10 million units of the Galaxy S5 in 25 days, toppling the Galaxy S4's previous record of 27 days. The 10 million figure is number of units shipped, and does not reflect sales to end users. These numbers are not from Samsung, but from a South Korean publication called Hankyung — no official announcement has been made just yet.

To put things into context, it took Samsung 50 days to get to the 10 million mark with the Galaxy S3, five months for the Galaxy S2 and seven months for the original Galaxy S.

While initial shipment numbers are higher than ever before, Samsung is facing a decline when we take a look at overall sales figures. The South Korean manufacturer managed to sell 60 million units of the Galaxy S3, but only 40 million units of the Galaxy S4. Although the device is still on sale' it's unlikely that the Galaxy S4 will get to the 60 million mark, considering the pace at which Samsung is launching new handsets.

Sales of older handsets could be affected by Samsung's decision not to bring the latest software updates to some older devices, as evidenced by last week's statement in which it announced that the international Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S3 mini will not be making the switch to Android 4.4 KitKat.

Furthermore, an increasingly saturated high-end market has led Samsung to look for other growth drivers, like its upcoming Tizen smartphones. All things considered, it'll be an achievement if the manufacturer manages to achieve the 40 million figure with the Galaxy S5.

Source: Hankyung, Via: PhoneArena