Samsung shipped over 6.7 million 5G smartphones in 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung has announced that it shipped more than 6.7 million 5G Galaxy phones in 2019.
  • At IFA during September, Samsung said that it had shipped around 2 million.
  • 53.9% of the global 5G smartphone market is now owned by Samsung.

There was a lot of talk and buzz around 5G in 2019, with carriers enabling their 5G networks and smartphone companies releasing their first 5G-capable devices. Samsung has been at the forefront of all things 5G, and it looks like those efforts have paid off.

In a press release issued on January 2, Samsung revealed (opens in new tab) that it shipped over 6.7 million 5G Galaxy smartphones during 2019. Samsung reached 2 million shipments back in September during IFA, and at the time, expected to double that number up to 4 million by the end of the year. Now, we know that that expectation was well-exceeded.

Samsung launched two 5G-capable phones during 2019, including the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. Thanks to those two handsets, Samsung says that it now owns 53.9% of the global 5G smartphone market.

Looking ahead, Samsung has even more 5G ambitions for 2020. Per the company:

In 2020, Samsung will continue to lead the market in 5G innovation by introducing new advancements that will improve the speed, performance and security of Galaxy 5G devices even further. This continued leadership will give even more people access to new mobile experiences that change the way they watch and interact with movies, TV and sports, play games and talk with friends and family.

With 2019 being the introduction year for 5G, it's pretty impressive that Samsung's 5G smartphone performance is as good as it was. Those numbers should only climb in 2020 and beyond, and as more and more companies enter the 5G market, Samsung will have its work cut out for it.

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  • I'd be interested to know what percentage of time those 6.7 million 5G phones are actually using 5G signal.
  • Here in Denver, and forget about most other parts of Colorado...5G signals are very few and far between based on coverage here through Verizon. Having gone through the Analog to Hybrid to Digital cellular transitioning in the mid to late nineties and into and through the Millennium, 5G is in its infancy and its phone's 5G potential is years away. Of course, if you have 5G signal, and don't wander too far, use it! For me, LTE and strong wifi are good enough with a good phone, like my Note 9.
  • Agreed with your posts. On the Western Slope not much 5G signal at all. Note 9 still rocks.
  • I'm in London in the UK. In the centre of London where I work, 5G is a real thing and it is stable. Where I live in the suburbs generally not. I do notice the difference though, especially when downloading app updates.