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Samsung releases Froyo source code for the ... wait for it ... Fascinate

OK, folks, now this could turn into a thing. Because tucked into Samsung's Open Source Resource Center this morning is ... Froyo source code ... for the Samsung Fascniate.

We'll let that sink in for a minute.

So what we've got is version ED01, with Android 2.2.1. Now, what can you do with it? If you're a normal Android user, you can sit back and wait for ROM developers to crank new stuff out -- this isn't something you can directly flash to your phone. No, that'll still have to come through Verizon, and hopefully this is an indication that we'll finally see something soon.

If you do want to check it out, head over to the source link and search for SCH-I500. Thanks, Daniel! More in the Samsung Fascinate Forums

  • Interesting....
  • About time of course I wonder what is good about ed01 vs what were using in sc
  • That's great news and from what I understand it will now be possible to get everything working in Cyanogenmod 7 thanks to having the source code.
  • Even more proof that it isn't samsung that is the problem, it's our carriers.
  • I don't think this proves anything, all other Verizon androids have 2.2 even the lg ally, so all relevant htc, moto, and an irrelevant lg phone has 2.2. All of the galaxy phones in the US have had update issues. Yet you still think it's the carriers??? So it must mean the carriers have it out for samsung? I guess that's why they are getting a droid branded device right?
  • Like you said, IN THE US. The European Galaxy S has had Froyo since October. Why? They didn't have to deal with carriers.
  • Which doesn't disprove anything. Two things:
    1) Samsung was slow because they probably pooled their resources into developing new phones and just left US support understaffed.
    2) It just seems too coincidental that they were bringing out "updated" 4G versions in the US. Once rumors went out that Samsung were deliberately holding back the update (b/c Samsung wanted to sell more 4g Vibrants), Samsung+Carriers immediately released Froyo. The timing seems too perfect. Can you explain WHY the carriers would want to hold back an update? Yes, the phones need different coding; but, you're telling me Samsung needed more than half a year to code in a few crap apps?
  • The instalation of VZW apps are complex and difficult. VZW apps are not just launchers they are actually integrated apps that are complex. Samsung does not build the VZW apps but rather they are responsible for making sure that it runs well in the Fascinate. Basically samsung is responsible for integrating 3rd party apps that we are not even sure if it was made to be compatible to froyo by VZW.
  • Why do htc, moto and LG not have any problem then? If it is a US carrier issue then all the manufactures would lag behind on updates not just one manufacture.
  • HOLY JUMPED UP BALD HEADED JESUS PALOMINA! No wait... April fools is long over with right? No really...
  • Hasn't froyo been out for almost a year now? I blame Samsung and Verizon.
  • If I remember correctly, Froyo was officially released on the Nexus One last Aug or Sept. It hit other phones about a month later. So that would make it about 7 months old...
  • ?
  • samsung late again should be gingerbread not froyo or Verizon someone is to blame
  • This is the EC01 that was put out on XDA last weekend. I'm running it now and its awesome!
  • I actually give Samsung credit for this. It seems they have taken note of the public thrashing they received for the crappy device support. They may have some major sticking issue with Verizon that is keeping them from updating... so instead they threw the dev community a bone by releasing the source.
  • Aren't gs1's running ice cream sammich already? Lol
  • I like how my girlfriend's Mesmerize (same phone) on little old US Cellular already got Froyo awhile ago and Verizon still hasn't updated the Fascinate.
  • Its not carriers get that through your noggins.
  • I know many others already have Froyo, but this made my day! Hope springs eternal.
  • Samsung phones... "Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again."
  • Now, the real question is... where's gingerbread? j/k, I jest.