Samsung is planning to offer the Note 7 as a refurbished device

As the world waits for the Samsung Galaxy S8 release, Samsung has announced its plans for recycling — and refurbishing — the millions of recalled Note 7 devices (opens in new tab).

Back in February, Samsung denied it had plans to sell refurbished Note 7s in India and Vietnam but it has since changed its tune, stating "applicability is dependent upon consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers as well as due consideration of local demand."

Given that the batteries were to blame for the Note 7's spectacular fiery failures, the plan for refurbishing the device would likely require installing a smaller battery before offering them as refurbished or rental units in select markets. No word on release timelines or which markets will see the refurbished Note 7.

Meanwhile, the remaining recalled devices will be sent to electronics recycling companies where they will be stripped of components such as semiconductors and camera modules which will be reused for test sample production purposes. The remaining components will be sent to eco-friendly companies that specialize in extracting precious metals from the devices.

Would you buy a refurbished Note 7? Let us know in the comments!

Marc Lagace

Marc Lagace was an Apps and Games Editor at Android Central between 2016 and 2020. You can reach out to him on Twitter [@spacelagace.

  • I'm curious about what markets will get this,,,
  • The second coming has risen!.
  • third!
  • As a Backup Device at this point, Maybe. But Not as My Daily Driver.
  • Why Are You Writing Like This?
  • Writing Like What?!? I Don't Understand!?!
  • iT lOOKS bETTER lIKE tHIS! ;)
  • I tHoUgHt It WaS bEtTeR lIkE tHiS, aM i WrOnG?
  • Mybae Bteter Wirtetn In Aothenr Fmarot Scuh As Tihs?
  • I can't imagine Samsung will sell these in the US.
  • I can. In fact, I'm imagining it right now.
  • If it's brought into the US, If it's priced right, I'll take it as a daily driver..Easy. better yet, if its priced around $500-$600. I'm there guaranteed.
  • that seems high for a refurb device that had such a highly public issue
  • I'm not complaining if it's alot cheaper lol
  • How about $17?
  • They would sell it with the highly public issue resolved. Albeit, Samsung feels that a smaller capacity battery is the remedy, that would be the only downgrade of a stellar device that is less than one year old. If pre-owned S7s and S7 edges are still fetching around 350-450, isn't $500-$600 reasonable? I suppose the true test of its value would be when the Note 8 releases. How much better will they make it?
  • They thought the issue was resolved after the first recall too.
  • Exactly.
  • After the second recall they devoted a ton of research and testing so they could definitively come out and say, this is what happened and this is what we're doing to prevent it in the future.
  • And they didn't do that during the first recall because.....?
  • But I thought it more than just the battery. Want there also some defective welding and missing heat shields on some of the phones?
  • Price will drive market demand for this. But if they price it correctly these will sell quickly.
  • that phone was nothing short of great. but i will not pay even close to full price for two reasons. its old now and it was recalled twice. Half the price would be great but 65% is about max what i would pay. They gotta take a hit and we should come out positive if they want to reassure the consumers they want to keep our business.
  • Feel the same. After returning my Note 7, I bought a Note 4, waiting to decide what my next brand new phone would be. My only holdup (f indeed it is ever released in the US as a refurb) is because I recently bought a Huawei Mate 9 and am very pleased with it. One for my wife, too. I hate that Samsung has been so slow to respond. Really loved their Notes.
  • Seems like a solid plan
  • Yeah, that plan shouldn't explode. (Sorry, I just had to)
  • I would buy one...been owning Note phones since the Note 2... Was excited about the 7 but will probably wait on the 8 if it ever comes out
  • Why not just update the processor and camera and call it the Note 8? The form factor could have remained the same and they could charge $800+ for it.
  • Yep, I would. Kicks the crap outta this S7E.
  • It wouldn't work.. because it would still be the Note 7... and it would damage the Note line even more. And should one catch on fire... it's "Game Over".
  • Not one note 7 ever exploded
  • No one mentioned exploding....
  • Because Apple would probably sue them for stealing their business model.
  • Cuz it's not a iPhone lhh
  • iPhones have exploded and burnt people
  • I'd buy that. I LOVED the form factor on the Note 7. So much so, that if I could get one of these cheap, i'll do it in a heartbeat.
  • Because there is almost certainly a brand new Note 8 based upon the GS8 form factor coming in August
  • Right.. But that makes too much sense and this is Samsung.
  • +1 That is, to the original comment.
    I hate this s7e.
    I want my Note back!!!
  • because supposedly the Note 8 is already in the pipes and I saw a article today that expects the Note 8 to be announced possibly in the 2nd QTR of 2017
  • They's have to open a new supply channel, which costs more money. This is simply to appease environmentalists.
  • Since there are reportedly several devices (as in thousands) still out there....I'm sure there is a market for these. I'll pass though!
  • Well they sold 3.5 million and Samsung claim 3% are not returned means that there's around 105000 still out there.
  • Over 100k devices that won't charge anymore.
  • For $450 each , I'd buy 1 each for me and my wife
  • Facts!$400 to $450 it would be killer.
  • $450 CAD and I'm sold. $450 USD, not so much.
  • I just picked up two S7 Edges + two free 128gb SD cards from Samsung for $440 each which I'd imagine is getting close to the BOM. Considering the stigma of the Note 7 and possible issues bringing it on a plane it would probably need to be priced even lower in the $350 range. At that point Samsung is probably loosing money on them.
  • Even if they sell each device at a loss, they're recouping SOMETHING from the collapse they had a few months ago. They're better off selling the devices at a loss versus storing them somewhere or recycling them for parts that don't amount to much of anything....Unless they use those parts in the new Galaxy's or Note 8 or something.
  • Exactly, better to make even a fraction of the manufacturing costs back than pay even more to bury them next to the ET cartridges. Something... About... Phoning home...
  • Don't forget that if they do decide to sell these refurbed Note 7's, they'll have to allocate resources for support. They can't just sell them for $500 bucks and put that back in their piggy bank. They'll need to provide updates, Android O, repair services, warranty exchanges, maintain support, and parts. On top of that, they'll need to work with the carriers to reverse all of those "flagged" imei numbers and serial numbers so people aren't getting reminded that their device should be returned. In other words, it could be more costly to re-release and support the device.
  • They can change the imei numbers when they refurb them. I think it's a bad idea.
  • Where did you say you found the S7e plus 128gb card for $440 ea? Don't see it listed on the Samsung site. Thks
  • Question is are they going to sell it only through Samsung or are they going to allow carriers to sell it? Next big question knowing the problems that the Note 7 did have if they do push it back to carriers since they are selling them as refurbished models are the carriers going to allow customers to get insurance on the devices? This could setup another PR disaster with the Note 8 on the edge of being released sometime in the summer. I imagine Samsung is going to have to go into some deep discounts on the refurbished devices.
  • If they do indeed sell them in the US I highly doubt they would seek through the carriers.
  • If it's priced reasonably, yes, I'd definitely get one. In fact I'd probably get this rather than the S8 Plus.
  • I'm curious over their plans for this. Also quite a number of questions in my head right now over what this could mean over the coming months.
  • Carriers will definitely not be interested. Just leave this device in the dust Samsung.
  • 🔥 .... Lol but seriously I would be in for 500
  • Uh oh, it begins again... I'd give em a hundred quid or so for one, probably no more.
  • I would buy one why not ? It would have to be for a great cheap price
  • I know Samsung is trying to mitigate the financial hit they took, but I'm not sure it's worth the risk of lots of bad press.
  • I probably re cop it for 200 that's it
  • might be the only way to get nougat on an unlocked device from Samsung
  • No one should buy this. It's a cursed phone. Airlines will block you from flying because they don't have a clue what's refurbished and what isn't. Bad move Samsung.
  • Airlines won't block you. That ban was lifted 6 months ago.
  • It was reinstated after the supposedly fixed units started exhibiting issues. That's why Samsung opened kiosks in major airports--travelers got stuck in foreign countries with their Note 7's when the ban was reintroduced and couldn't transport them back home for a refund, so Samsung had to give them a way to get a refund for their phones and still be able to fly home.
  • The ban was lifted because 90% of the phones were no longer in circulation. A re-re-release of the Note 7 would surely get the bans up and running again.
  • I doubt it. Otherwise, why not ban the S8 and Note 8 while you're at it.
  • The S7 was never banned... so your comment about banning the S8 doesn't make any sense.
  • . It's a moot point. These won't be sold in the US
  • If they Sell this thing for a decent price, it's definitely worth scooping up. They will be careful with their release and markets though because it would be bad to compete with the new note later in the year.
  • How are they gonna deal with the airplane ban? Are they assuming no one will still be worried about it because most of the bad ones have been recalled? Will they be easily differentiated? What happens if one of the old ones still out in the wild burns up and the whole furor is revisited?
  • That was my first question. The Note 7 ban is no longer a part of the preflight safety briefing (on US fights, anyway), but as far as I know, the ban is still in effect.
  • Would I buy one of these "refurbished" Note 7's? HELL NO!!
  • Samsung told the Verge it will not be available in the U.S.: “The objective of introducing refurbished devices is solely to reduce and minimize any environmental impact,” Samsung told The Verge in a statement. It also hinted that the phone may be renamed entirely when more details are unveiled. “The product details including the name, technical specification and price range will be announced when the device is available. Samsung will not be offering refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices for rent or sale in the US.”
  • It will never be allowed for sale in the US
  • Fire Sale seems appropriate. Just like HP did with their TouchPad Tablet... Might be worth considering to get as a backup
  • Lol@ fire sale
  • These phones are the bomb
  • You made my day
  • Samsung neglected to mention these will need to be hand cranked. 10, 000 revolutions minimum gives you 30 minutes talk time.
  • What! I'd be all over this, at least until the Note 8 comes out.....
  • I would buy one, but only for starting my BBQ bricketts. Probably a little over priced for that. I don't understand why phone manufacturers don't seriously​ look at safe li-ion batteries such as
  • I was thinking the same thing. You'd think they'd be climbing over one another to get this tech into all of the risky batteries...
  • I'd be open to buying one if it's at the right price!
  • I would trade my s7e in for one. Like I traded a n7 for the s7e cause of recall
  • Samsung wants people to look forward to the Note 8.....not back to the Note 7. Why sell a refurbed device for 500-600 and offer years of support for it when you can market the hell out of the Note 8? Start leaking renders and details in June and let the hype train run for a month or two. (Assuming they're going for an August release.)
  • If it's priced right i would swap back to the note7 From my s7e it's a far superior device that fits my needs perfectly every day something on my s7e makes me miss the notes spen.
  • This was the best phone I had ever owned. I was so sad to return it. Looking forward to the Note 8. Hopefully by then I can convince friends to use Allo so I won't miss iMessage.
  • No thanks. I had the N7 for two weeks before turning it back in. Great phone, but between that and the crappy support for my unlocked S7, I'm done with Sammy. Waiting for my G6 to get delivered this week.
  • Gotta love choices although your opinion is in the minority . If price right this thing would sell like hotcakes. For a lot of folks this phone is one to have in there collection.
  • I suggest you pick up a dictionary and learn what "minority" means, unless you are specifically referring to the commentary here. Most people in countries like America, Britain, and Canada aren't interested in a two recall phone in the slightest. Hell, most people weren't interested after the first recall.
  • O sorry teacher you got me buuut you get the point.i see your still trolling Samsung post huh ....
  • The second coming has risen!
  • Third :D
  • I see this as them mostly rehashing parts of the phone not the whole phone. Besides the note 8 is on the way what would be the point
  • If the phone has a 2000 mah battery would it "cut the mustard" ?
  • I'd think about it at 400. I'd pull the trigger sry less than 400.
  • Back in my days as a Note 4 owner, if a battery was faulty we just had to open the back and swap for a new one.
  • Yes, I would!
  • The Note 7 was my best phone, ever; definitely better than my current S7 Edge. I'd be game for a refurb but have concerns about the battery life. I really liked the S-Pen and will look at other brands, if this isn't available, soon.
  • Won't matter. TSA will never lift it's ban on that device.
  • Not interested in Samsung anymore. Do not like their curved screens. For this to happen Samsung would have to get every airline in the world to believe them when they say they are safe. One accident and Samsung as a company would go up in flames as fast as the phones did.
  • Pretty sure these will not be sold in any countries with strong consumer protection laws.
  • Like someone else commented.. Just update the internals and make it the Note 8! It's already a nice looking phone and, hell, Apple doesn't change their design every year!
  • I've always wondered what nerd stand-up comedy sounded guys above, don't quit your day jobs, all of the recycled fire jokes were used up a real long time ago.
  • I would buy it. As long as they are deemed safe. Then I could Gove my mom the S7 Edge.
  • This phone will not be sold in most markets so all this talk is just click bait . And a waste of time to even consider not gonna happen note 8 is in affect and on the way
  • I look forward to the day when people understand what the term click bait means.
  • "A pejorative term used in describing web content that is aimed at generating online advertising revenue..: "Usually happens in "eye-catching " pictures to attract click throughs"
  • Let me help you this phone will not be sold in any western market .........this is (click bait ) and wishful thinking
  • I forgot...the internet doesn't work outside of the western world so we're the only ones who can possibly see this article
  • Let me break it down for you in the words of president Trump, this is fake ass news . Nothing to see here folks keep it moving ^^^ new phone is being shown in two days forget about this ......haha . Might be available in some third world countries in a back alley somewhere ^
  • Yep, just like Trump. You don't understand what's going on and your comments make you look like a complete idiot so you call it fake news.
    You nailed that one
  • That would be you the idiot that believe every thing you hear. The company ,you know, Samsung!! themselves said it's not gonna happen . So put your deposit away you won't be needed it hahaha . They say a fool is born every moment ^^^^^
  • Samsung absolutely did say they're planning on selling refurbs of the Note 7. You might want to get a refund on your Reading for Dummies program. t has failed you.
    I never said I had a deposit for it, but again...reading has failed you.
  • So Samsung is selling refurbished note 8 ??? Even before it's release. Dude just listen to yourself your coming unhinged and your not making a bit of since. Do you really think Samsung would be willing to risk there whole company . Just to release a phone that they themselves had to pull off the market . Only for a few idiot to fake another fire . Tell me your not that dumb to believe such bull ****. But come to think of it the more you write the more I'm worry about you thought process . Oh I see you've changed your comment. What Samsung said from there rep was that the note 7 would scraped and the battery destroyed
  • The difference is mine was a typo(clearly it's the note 7 not 8, even a elementary school kid would know that) and yours is a complete lack of understanding of the language.
    Samsung is the ones that said they are planning on selling it. It's not some leak from some other site, it's directly from Samsung, on their own site.. Unless now you're saying that Samsung doesn't know what Samsung is doing. Which is an argument I could actually believe.
  • There no such thing on Samsung official Webb site about a return of the note 7 are even the note 8 . Matter of fact what there saying is please return your note 7 . Now your in the fake ass news business?? Gezzz. What the hell dude let it go guess your on that fake Samsung site hahaha
  • I said my Note 8 mention was a typo but I don't expect you to understand much of...anything.
    If you can manage, click on the source link for this article. It's Samsung's statement from today. Then find someone to explain it to you because I'm certain you won't know what the words on the site mean.
  • I have it from a reliable source that the Note 8 is in the pipeline, pump yer brakes it will be here soon!
  • Seems your the only one that sees through this . Samsung has stated more then once that the note 7 at the most will be parted out , time to let it go . Hey I had two different ones loved them both buuuut its time to move on ...lil bird said the note 8 is on the way
  • 'Would you buy a refurbished Note 7?' $hit yeh! Bloody oath mate! For the right price, why not?
  • They should at least rename it. Too much bad joojoo with calling it The Note 7
  • Oh it'll be renamed and completely rebuilt .....galaxy note 8 in a whole new form factor. Hehe
  • Still want mine back! Give me one...
  • I would buy one immediately. Even if it is a N930U model, which means "carrier free, but works on your carrier".
  • Wouldn't they have to do something to the exterior of the phone so it could go places the original was banned? A new rear cover with some new branding might do it, but would often be covered by a case
  • Yes I'd love one
  • 2 buckssssssssss
  • "I'd buy that for a dollar!"
  • If I had the choice right now, I would buy a Note 7 over the GS8+. The s-pen is not replaceable.
  • Oh boy, they just couldn't let it die... Why bother now when the S8 and Note 8 is coming this year? They're better off focusing their time and resources on the S8 and Note 8, rather than the suspicious Note 7.
  • I don't know, man. The spontaneous combustion feature can only be used once, and you don't know when it'll happen. It's like the eject button on a jet fighter. I'd pay $20, max.
  • They have to do something with all those phones in their warehouse.
  • Sell it as a note 6. Problem solved, people won't be worried to bring it on a plane. If not it won't be just tablet ban on planes.
  • I'll have one. Ting flavored, please :-)
  • I'm limping along with a Note5. The odds of this referbrished Note 7 being dangerous is as iikely as Samsung would want to go down into the depths of scorn by everyone who owns one, or might reconsider buying a Note 8. So, I'm in. Would do it today if it were offered via Verizon, or I might switch carrier to get one.
  • well as i still own a note 4 wich has had 3 new batteries, i doubt the livelength of the smaller one in the refurbished note will be that good that it would the regular lifetime of 2 years before it needs replacing, main reason i didnt take the note 7 on pre-order was the non-replaceable battery. im glad i stuck with my note 4, sadly no futher upgrades to android (as the note 5 was never released here, we got a size+ s6 ) as the next S8 is 100 more expensive as the S7, im afraid they ll ask around 1000 for the Note8, so the refurbished one should atleast be cheaper as that. but knowing Samsung they ll still ask the amount of the S7 for it, because its extra features. Seriously Samsung went Apple (ridiculous prices) But so far i have not found a suitable candidate to replace my Note4. (hardware wise its still a high-tech phone)
  • I recently had my Note 4 depart from me, (stolen/lost). I ended up getting a new S7 edge which is great but I really miss my Note 4. If offered in US markets and priced right (sub $ 500) I would def be trying to get one. Batteries be damned and if you get it with Android Nougat or will be upgraded to it, bonus!. There are too many uses for a Note 7 not to have one if thats your bag baby.
    Do the right thing Samsung and make people happy! Market it at a reduced cost and watch your market share soar again. Just don't make us have another F-bomb moment ok?
  • If the price was right, I'd buy one. I loved the phone. I have a S7 right now, waiting on the note 8. I hate the S7.