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Samsung Nexus S coming soon with AT&T 3G compatibility?

We've heard this plenty of times before. Heck, even Dave Dobbin, CEO of Mobilicity said it was going to happen at some point but now, we've got more evidence of it actually coming to reality. According to some documentation found over at the Bluetooth SIG, it appears the Samsung GT-i9020A has been registered which leads most to assume that "A" stands for AT&T. While that may be accurate let's not forget that also makes it applicable to each and every major GSM player in Canada. Such as Rogers, Bell, TELUS etc.

Given the history of Samsung devices being abbreviated by carrier letters in their naming; this seems reasonable. Not unexpected by any means but reasonable. The Google Nexus One made its rounds to carriers in every GSM flavor; it only makes sense this will eventually happen with the Samsung Nexus S as well. Be it in March or some other month, we won't be too shocked when it does arrive. [Bluetooth SIG via PocketNow

  • now we need a CDMA version.
  • Wouldn't mind seeing a Nexus S on Verizon.
  • Wouldnt mind it on sprint either but we all no cdma dont fly with the nexus line
  • With 2.1.... lol?
  • no, with 1.6. Thats where its at!
  • RC29 1.0, now that is where the real party is.
  • Too funny..
  • God knows with Samsung and Verizon, it would be illegal to allow it to have anything better than 2.1
  • I would totally sell my Captivate for this.
  • But, will the GPS work? LOL I think that I will still buy the Motorola Atrix instead of this if both come out at the same time. I've been so burned by Sammy that it is hard to buy another Samsung phone. I know that Google is behind this one. But, Once bitten, Twice Shy!
  • Yea that would be nice for Sprint to have the Nexus S.
  • unless it magically gets a micro sd slot, i'll pass. damn, i'd been waiting for this phone too...
  • At this point, I'm not buying another cell phone unless it's 4G-ish. I'd love a pure Google phone, but LTE is a bigger need.
  • Id really like a 4G phone as well but Im waiting to see what kind of surcharge Verizon tacks on and where its capped at. BKVic
  • Want a Nexus dual core on ATT please...
  • Excellent! Now I know how much longer I need to wait before Gingerbread is officially available for my ATT N1. It will be sufficiently after the ATT Nexus S is released so as to lure me into buying a new phone for full price rather than waiting out the software update. Thanks Google and Samsung. You're the greatest.
  • ive been running the cyanogen gingerbread nightly on my att n1 for about a month or so and it is stable enough as a daily driver. its pretty great, just about anything i need works(gps, data, wifi, built in voip, tethering) you really have to look for stuff that might not work... as i haven't found anything but incognito mode in the browser
  • Too late. Atrix is coming soon and other great phones. I don't understand why this couldn't launch simultaneously. They release and unlocked phone in the us that only works on one networks 3G.
  • The Nexus S would be the only Sammy I would consider buying if it wasn't for it not having SD slot...the plus side is, Google provides the updates....My Captivate "recently" started not accepting calls or text and I had to cut it off, reboot atleast twice..once back on the text from others came thru 10 min later. Not sure why. The phone is stock aside from 6 apps. from the yeah this was my first and last Sammy phone.
  • The sad part is, AT&T probably won't subsidize it and yet they'll slam you with a their smartphone data plan, even if you only intend too use the phone on Wi-Fi or if you have a grandfathered data plans like MEdiaWorks. It looks like the NexusOne+AT&T history could be repeated.
  • I'm so torn... Atrix or Nexus S? Maybe I should renew my contract for an Atrix and wait for the next Nexus... Nexus S is nice and I want a bigger screen than my N1, but once N1 gets gbread I don't think the NS is that much of an upgrade. I'm really hoping for and think there is a good chance for a vanilla ice cream super phone for summer or fall... So nice that ATT finally has good options!