Samsung Nexus S with AT&T-compatible radio shows up in online catalog

There's been no official word from Samsung or Google, but the Nexus S with GSM 850/1900 radio bands has shown up for sale at Negri Electronics' online store.  It's carrying a model number of i9020T, and is available in black or white for $598.50.  What we don't know is if this is the Nexus S with an AT&T specific radio, or an unlocked import of the Nexus S from abroad.  I'm sure as people order these and get them in-hand, we'll know a bit more.

In either case, it's a Nexus S that will work with AT&T's 3G, and more than a few of you guys have been waiting for one of these.  [Negri Electronics via Android Central forums] Thanks, Abraham, for the tip!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Compatible not compatable
  • And that relates to this how? And turn off the caps lock, it's pretty annoying.
  • You can buy this device from at the same price and it comes already rooted and guaranteed. Absolutely great place to buy a phone. You can send your phone most any new phone (Thunderbolt) and they will root it for $100.00.
  • Or you can root it yourself using one of the free tools online. Thunderbolt has had a free root solution for quite a while now.
  • That is a big 10 / 4, Just thought I would share those facts with someone who might not feel comfortable rooting their phone. Mine has been rooted and loaded for some time now thank you.
  • LOL, ill root your phone for $100. Guaranteed!
  • I'll do it for $95. I'm totally legit, guys. I swear.
  • That white is ugly.
  • I bought several phones from Negri Electronics and was really happy with their service upon new purchases. Too bad I bought a Blackberry Torch for my wife and it malfunctioned so I sent it back to them, now they have had it for almost 4 months and I cannot get a straight reply from them about what is going to happen to this phone. I even bought ANOTHER Blackberry Bold for my wife to use while we sent the Torch in, but now the Bold has become her permanent phone, and the $700 I dropped for the Torch are nowhere to be seen. I really wanted to by the Nexus S, and have been seeing it on their website on preorder for some time, but with this issue of them not even responding to inquiries about a unit sent back to them months ago I am not even sure I would buy from them again. Too bad, I was really happy with their service and good product ranges, until this issue came up. I guess I will have to look into
  • The phone for AT&T is the same model Announced from Samsung to launch in May in Chile andd has the same bands for the 3G conectivity
  • man will white be released for t-mobile too or is t-mobile stuck with black?
  • I've never thought that white phones looked good. The large black screen with a white back just doesn't jive very well. To each his/her own though.
  • Why don't they just rerelease the nexus s for tmo with a quad band gsm radios and release same phone for att? With them merging it seems like the best plan for everyone...
  • This is also available from Mobile City; mobilecityonline .com in white or black. ATT 3g HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 bands and GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. Purchased several phones from them; been very reliable.