Samsung Mobile boss expects 30 million Galaxy S3 sales in 2012, 20 million target for Note 2

Today might be iPhone day Rex Manning Day, but Samsung Mobile head JK Shin is attempting to make some news of his own with his latest comments to the Korean press. Speaking to Korean news agency Yonhap, Shin indicated that he expects the company's flagship Galaxy S3 phone, currently sitting at over 20 million units, to hit the 30 million mark before the year's end. Such a figure would be unprecedented for any single Samsung smartphone -- even the popular Galaxy S2 topped out at 20 million earlier this year.

Shin also told Yonhap that the recently announced Galaxy Note 2 is expected to shift twice as many units as its predecessor, though this seems to be a long-term target, rather than an aim for the next three and a half months. As the original Note sold 10 million worldwide, the new target, it seems, is 20 million.

With Samsung phones in general -- and the Galaxy S3 specifically -- continuing to fly off store shelves, we wouldn't bet against Samsung reaching either of its lofty goals. Nevertheless, it'll face stronger competition than ever over the next quarter, not least of which from whatever Apple announces in eight hours time.

Source: Yonhap

Alex Dobie
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  • These will be easy reachable goal the Galaxy S3 is the BEST SMARTPHONE ON THE MARKET PERIOD. As far as the Galaxy Note 2 when it arrives on all carriers it will BLOW PAST the Galaxy Note easily. Since that only arrived on At&t for over 6months then finally to Tmobile that's the only reason sells were small. No more exclusive carrier garbage that stunts your sells everyone will enjoy the Galaxy Note 2 this time around and sells will dwarf the Galaxy S3 sales. I love my pebble blue baby on Tmobile but on day one I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 on day one of launch. Gotta have the best of both worlds no choice on this one. As for this upcoming iphone today don't make me laugh same old same old boring rows of icons nothing extremely important here as far as I am concerned.
  • Sometimes I think Apple makes sure Koreans are misinterpreted on purpose. Like so many times the Apple Beloved Share Holders take great pride in spending money to make sure their investments continue to return greater profits than they deserve. So part of that is Payola and back pocket Christmas Sockings, palm cash, rewards, etc to Media and Tech sites to always favor Apple products. Microsoft has always done very well with pumping out FUD and mis-information to Internet Media Sites! Problem is there are lots of lazy News and Tech writers, that without thinking, copy/paste anything the Paid Shills put up and Wall Street types just continue to go hehehe... all the way to the bank. But that wouldn't happen if we didn't have a bunch of people walking around brain dead taking everything they hear as true! Take the fact that Microsoft and others now using corrupt FUD techniques and misinformation about Google Search to disparage them to gain customers and readership. That kind of underhanded anti-competitive behavior and funding... I hope always in time will always lead to them losing even more REAL PEOPLE than what they'll ever gain. People use Google because it works and they are the only ones that actually think about giving stuff to the community before they get anything back. Mozilla Foundation is another one that knows when you give to the community it just the law of average that it will return! The top Android Vendors don't offer Android OS because it's FREE like in cost them nothing. They offer Android because it FREE like in OPEN... and isn't bought and paid for by Big Media and Corporate Goons only after to enrich their Pot of Gold to take with them into the afterlife. I'm betting Steve Jobs is sitting in purgatory... trying to figure out how to right his wrongs on earth. It's Greed and Anger that killed him and like cancer it ate him alive!
  • My boys 65 year old father just bought a Samsung Galaxy 3. So they are getting a wide range of people buying their product right now. You know my boys say the he has to teach him something new everyday on the phone. Lol
  • It will be interesting to see if GSIII sales bump up in the next couple of days. There has been a lot of talk about people waiting to see that the new iphone will be before deciding on a new handset. They should be able to make a decision after today. -Suntan
  • So let them wait for the Iphone5, it`s ready to be in preoder anyway.... All what they`re getting a software two years old... WOW. It`s worh it to wait for it.
  • Count me as one of those 20 million G Note 2 owners! I cannot wait for this phone to be released! I was seriously butt hurt when Verizon passed on it's predecessor. Hell, I'm out of contract with Verizon (still have unlimited data), but I might even buy the unlocked international version and go pre-pay... Gotta love options.