Samsung Gear VR

Why you might want to wait a bit before shelling out $199 for the virtual reality headset

It pays to read the fine print, folks, though we'll forgive you if you didn't. (And even a few of us here had to check this one again.) We've had some folks ask us about the new Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset not working with their Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Verizon or Sprint, for starters. And while that's certainly not a good thing — if you can buy the headset it certainly should work — we did have warning. Tucked at the very end of this week's press release announcing the Gear VR availability was this pretty major caveat:

Software updates required for Galaxy Note 4 based on carrier availability.

That, perhaps, should have been a little higher up.

Samsung Gear VR update

Samsung couldn't confirm to us anything more than that. Software updates will be required for the Gear VR to work. Carrier differences, it seems, have extended to your face as well as your phone.

If you've already dropped your $199, you're going to need to wait a bit. We don't know how long. If you were looking to hand over a couple Benjamins but aren't on AT&T, hold off for now. (The Gear VR currently is showing as out of stock on Samsung's site, but is still available on the AT&T online store.)

More in our Gear VR forums. Thanks, Robert, for the tip!