Samsung 'Gear Solo' could be a cellular-connected Gear 2

A smartwatch with a SIM slot?

Ever since Samsung entered the smartwatch market, there've been rumors that it might do away with the smartphone tethering requirement and release a self-sufficient cellular Gear. And according to the latest reports from the Korean press, such a device might actually be on the way. The Korea Herald says a cellular Gear smartwatch, complete with SIM slot, will go to market as the "Samsung Gear Solo."

The Gear Solo name has already been registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Office, and it's easy to see how this kind of branding could apply to a smartwatch that could "go solo" without being paired to a phone.

The device, described as a "standalone" version of Samsung's current Gear 2 smartwatch, would be launched in Korea first, with the possibility of an international launch coming later. A cellular Gear would eliminate the need for users to also own a Samsung smartphone, potentially opening the device up to a wider audience. However the presence of battery-guzzling cellular radios would present their own technical challenges.

Samsung's latest series of smartwatches, the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit, launch internationally alongside the Galaxy S5 this week.

Source: Korea Herald; via: Smartwatch Fans

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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