New Galaxy Watch 4 update makes the touch bezel a lot better

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • Samsung is pushing out new update for the Galaxy Watch 4.
  • The update improves the responsiveness of the Watch 4's capacitive touch bezel.
  • The update appears to be available on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic as well.

Samsung isn't slowing down when it comes to updates to its new Galaxy Watch 4, and the latest brings some much-needed improvements to navigation.

The company is rolling out a new update for the Galaxy Watch 4, which includes the usual system stability improvements and aims to make the capacitive touch bezel better.

This is the changelog included for the update, which comes in at 159.90MB:

  • Improved usability of the following applications or features: Touch bezel
  • Improved system stability and reliability

While the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic comes with a physical rotating bezel for navigating the watch, the standard Watch 4 retains the capacitive bezel found on Samsung's older smartwatches like the Galaxy Watch 2 Active. However, the experience was apparently not as good, and users have noticed that the touch bezel has functioned fairly inconsistently.

With the update rolling out, the experience should be much improved. Android Central's Ara Wagoner has already noticed a much smoother experience with the touch bezel, which is a good sign.

The update has apparently been spotted arriving on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic as well, although the Touch Bezel fix apparently won't bring any notable changes.

This isn't the only update that the Galaxy Watch 4 has seen lately, with a few pre-launch updates bringing new features and a recent plug-in update giving Watch 4 owners the ability to control some of Samsung's best wireless earbuds from the watch while they're connected to a smartphone.

Galaxy Watch 4 owners out there, have you noticed the improvements since the update? Sound off below and let us know.

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