Samsung updates the Galaxy Watch 4 with better control over health features

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The Galaxy Watch 4 is receiving its first post-launch update.
  • The new update lets users better control automatic workout detection.
  • Volume controls are now available in the quick settings panel.
  • The update includes improvements to health tracking and system stability.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 hasn't been in consumers' hands very long, but it's already receiving its first post-launch update. While Samsung doesn't appear to highlight any new features in the changelog, TizenHelp has noticed some noteworthy changes arriving with the update, which clocks in at a hardy 305MB.

Source: TizenHelp (Image credit: Source: TizenHelp)

One highlight feature is the ability to halt the automatic workout detection in Samsung Health. It's a feature that many of the best Android smartwatches have, but it can use up some valuable battery, especially when a watch is measuring leisurely walks that users may not care to track. The update adds an option to cancel the detection with the addition of an "X" button.

The update also adds some improvements to calorie measurements during cycling exercises, in addition to bringing Samsung Health features to the settings app for better management.

Another useful feature is the option to add volume controls to the quick settings panel. One UI Watch on the Galaxy Watch 4 already includes a robust quick settings, which can span multiple pages. Adding volume controls should allow users easier control over their content.

Lastly, the update comes with some stability improvements.

This isn't the first update for the Galaxy Watch 4, which has already received another update as the launch approached. However, given the quick cadence, it appears that we may be able to expect a steady flow of improvements to an already impressive smartwatch, like the newly added WalkieTalkie app.

TizenHelp notes that firmware version R890XXU1BUH9/R890OXM1BUH9 should be rolling out to users in the U.S. and Europe. Let us know if you've noticed anything on your shiny, new Galaxy Watch 4.

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