The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 looks gorgeous in these new leaked renders

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Leaked Render
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Leaked Render (Image credit: 91mobiles)

What you need to know

  • New renders of the Galaxy Watch 4 have emerged.
  • The renders appear to be official press images of the upcoming smartwatch.
  • Samsung is expected to reveal the device at next week's MWC 2021.

Leaks of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 are ramping up, which can only suggest that the smartwatch is arriving soon. The latest leak from 91mobiles shows off very official-looking press renders of the upcoming smartwatch.

The renders show off the smartwatch with its alleged color variants. There appear to be four different colorways, including what looks like Mystic Bronze from the Galaxy Note 20 series and several color options for the watchband.

From the images, you can spot some of the specs on the back of the watch. This includes built-in GPS, MIL-STD 810G durability rating, 5ATM water resistance, and Gorilla Glass DX+ coving the display. The watch will apparently come in 40mm and 44mm sizes.

The images are very similar to the leaked renders that were unveiled the other day. Those renders were originally implied to be the Galaxy Watch Active 4, but apparently, we're looking at the standard Watch 4. Curiously, this could mean that Samsung is getting rid of the physical rotating bezel found on the Galaxy Watch 3 since there doesn't appear to be one in these images.

Full specs of the watch are unknown, but it's said to be powered by a 5nm Exynos chip and feature a battery capacity fairly similar to the Galaxy Watch 3. It's recently been hinted that the smartwatch will feature a BIA sensor to measure body fat composition. This feature is normally found in smart scales and could put the Galaxy Watch 4 well ahead of the best Android smartwatches.

Given how official these images look, it can't be too long before Samsung takes the wraps off its upcoming smartwatches. The company is expected to show off more about the new unified Wear OS platform next week at MWC. The company may choose this time to unveil its new smartwatches, but don't hold your breath as they may instead launch later this year along with the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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  • No Physical rotating bezel! I have the Watch 3 and the Watch Active 2 and find the virtual rotating bezel on the WA2 every bit as good as the physical EXCEPT when running or exercising etc because sweaty/wet fingers and touch screens don't play well together. The physical rotating bezel is fantastic for moving between data screens when activity tracking.
  • Gonna hit this with a "meh".
  • Gorgeous? This is a huge step backwards if these renders are legit. I was excited for Wear OS on the Galaxy Watch 4 but not if this is what the watch looks like.
  • Can you explain why?
  • No rotating bezel and a step back from looking like a classic watch. In my opinion this is a watch that looks like it belong on a kids wrist. The Galaxy Watch 3 is a great looking watch but had room to get even better looking. This is not a step forward this is a step backwards.
  • Don't like watches on my wrist. I type too much
  • That is a fine looking active. But if this is the normal watch, I'm furious. Where is the rotating bezel?
  • Not thrilled about the "sports band" look, which seems more like the Active. I wanted a regular-looking fashion watch more like the Galaxy 3.
  • You liked the Galaxy 3 band? Ugh, that thing was horrible for me. I couldn't even wear it for a minute. I prefer silicone bands but I'm a runner. I can't imagine using a leather strap for running.
  • Just buy replacement bands. When i had a broken wrist, I used a magnetic strap, because i couldn't attach a regular one since my hand didn't work right, lol.
  • Apple Watch still the champ. This looks horrible.
  • Looks like the Apple Watch to me -- which I don't like.
  • I was gonna skip the 3 and wait for the 4. But now the CGM didn't materialize, AND no rotating mechanical bezel? After using the first Galaxy Watch for 2 years now, it's a must have for me. Guess I'll wait until this one dies and pick up a 3.