Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: Everything you need to know!

Android tablets are few and far between in 2019, but if you're someone that's been hunting for one to add to your gadget lineup, Samsung's Galaxy Tab S4 should be at the top of your list.

With a large AMOLED display, powerful internals, and a few nifty tricks that you won't find anywhere else, the Tab S4 makes a compelling argument for anyone that's tablet-shopping this year.

Whether you're ready to throw down some cash or just want to learn more about what Samsung's been working on, here's everything you need to know about the Galaxy Tab S4!

The latest Galaxy Tab S4 news:

April 12, 2019 — Android Pie begins rolling out to the Galaxy Tab S4 in France

After Samsung's string of Pie updates to its most recent flagships, it appears the Galaxy Tab S4 is next in line. For now, only the Galaxy Tab S4 models in France are receiving the update, but it's a good sign that it will be rolling out to more regions in the future. With this update, users can expect the all new One UI experience on their Tab S4 along with all the Android 9.0 Pie goodies from Google.

As with most updates, this one will be rolling out in stages over France and is hitting the SM-T835 LTE model first, with the Wi-Fi version expected to be next. If you want to check if it is available for your Tab S4, check the settings menu, scroll down to Software update, and tap Download and install.

All the big details

What are the specs?

The Tab S4 is a flagship gadget, and as such, has flagship specs to accompany it. Here's the full rundown of everything it's packing:

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SpecSamsung Galaxy Tab S4 Specs
Dimensions9.81-inches tall
6.47-inches wide
0.28-inches thick
17-ounce weight
Operating systemAndroid 8.1 Oreo
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 835
Screen10.5-inch 2560 x 1600 Super AMOLED panel
16:10 aspect ratio
Storage64GB or 256 GB
Expandable up to 400 GB
Rear camera13MP
f/1.9 aperture
1.12µm pixel size
Front camera8MP
f/1.9 aperture
1.12µm pixel size
Battery7,300 mAh
Fast charging
Up to 16 hours of video playback
ConnectivityUSB Type-C 3.1
3.5mm headphone jack
Bluetooth 5.0
Wi-Fi 802.11 ac
Audio4 speakers
Tuned by AKG
Dolby Atmos surround sound
SecurityIris scanning
Facial unlock
S PenIncluded for free
4096 levels of pressure sensitivity

There's no fingerprint sensor

We've come to expect fingerprint sensors on just about every mobile device these days — even smartphones that cost ~$200. Even so, Samsung's chosen to forego such a feature on the Tab S4.

Instead, the Tab S4 can be unlocked using either iris scanning or facial unlock.

This isn't too big of a deal considering the improvements Samsung's made on these fronts, but even so, I imagine some users will be put off at the lack of a sensor we've grown so used to over the years.

DeX can be run directly on the tablet

Samsung's DeX platform has been around since last year as a way to turn your Galaxy smartphone into a desktop computer by plugging it into a special dock and then plugging said dock into a monitor.

DeX has come a long way since it was introduced alongside the Galaxy S8, and this time around, Samsung's allowing you to run its DeX interface directly on the Tab S4.

While you can manually open DeX at any time, Samsung's also created a special keyboard accessory that'll automatically launch DeX once it's connected to the Tab S4.

Once you're in the DeX mode, the traditional Android UI will be replaced by something you'd expect to see on a desktop computer. You can open multiple apps at once and run them in their own windows, drag content from one app to another, use keyboard shortcuts, and much more.

You'll probably want to get the keyboard accessory

If you plan on using the Tab S4 as a productivity machine, you'll definitely want to pick up that keyboard accessory to go along with it.

Samsung's calling it the Book Cover Keyboard, and along with giving you a comfortable typing experience, also protects the Tab S4 from all sorts of daily wear and tear.

The Book Cover Keyboard connects to the Tab S4 using a special POGO connection system (the same one found on the 2018 Galaxy Tab A) and will set you back a pretty penny at $149.99. Thankfully, if you order it together with the Tab S4 between now and and September 8 on Samsung's website, you can take 50% off to bring the price down to just $74.99.

An S Pen is included for free!

While your wallet might be mad at you for buying both the Tab S4 and Book Cover Keyboard, it'll be relieved to know that the S Pen comes included with the tablet out of the box.

This is a much bigger S Pen compared to what you'll find on the Galaxy Note 8 with a weight of 9.1 grams, but even with the added heft, it should still be plenty comfortable for long writing or drawing sessions.

The rubber pen tip measures in at 0.7 millimeters and the S Pen supports an impressive 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Daily Board turns it into a smart home display

Lenovo's new Smart Display is one heck of a smart home gadget, but if you're planning on picking up the Galaxy Tab S4, it can actually pull double duty as a smart display of its own.

In addition to the Book Keyboard Cover, Samsung's also selling a Charging Dock accessory that connects to the same POGO system.

When the Tab S4 is in the Charging Dock, it goes into Daily Board mode and shows your favorite photos, the time, weather, and other useful info — all while charging the tablet. It's certainly not as fully-featured as what Lenovo or Amazon's crafted, but it's a nice extra nonetheless.

You can buy it now for $650

If you're interested in the Galaxy Tab S4, you can buy it now from Samsung's website for $650. You can either pay outright, or get it with 12-month financing to lessen the burden a bit.

You also have the option of buying an LTE-equipped model with support for AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and US Cellular.

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