Hands-on with the Galaxy Tab keyboard and dock

Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Looking for the Samsung Galaxy Tab keyboard? We got our hands on it, as well as the desktop dock. The keyboard isn't quite full size, but it's close. The key action isn't anything to write home about, but it's hardly the worst, either.

The keyboard isn't quite as thick as you'll see in the pictures here; it was taped to some sort of pad on the table. You're not going to be writing "War and Peace" with this thing, but it will do.

We also got a closer look at the desktop dock for the Galaxy Tab. Pictures of both are after the break.

Dieter Bohn
  • It has bluetooth, right? Wonder if it will work with the Apple wireless keyboard (a much better option with the iPad than it's silly keyboard dock).
  • i kinda like the keyboard dock /:
  • Has Rene Riche taken over Android Central? Why does every little thing warrant a separate story? Consolidate. What does this have to do with Android.
  • I'm not sure, but I think this tab might be running the Android OS? Just a guess.
  • Are you feeling okay? I ask because I'm wondering if you just got out of a sick bed that you've been in for months and months and didn't know this was an Android tablet.
  • The TAB doesn't have Bluetooth
  • The specs released says it has bluetooth 3.0.
  • Not a bad idea to have it dock on top of the keyboard like that. This way the whole setup can edit in your lap without having to duct tape the tab to something.
  • keyboard dock looks sweet, but i'd rather have a desktop dock that can be used in landscape as well
  • A wireless keyboard lets you use the device in any orientation (assuming you have a case or stand that will accommodate it). That's why I don't get the whole "dock" thing.
  • Cool
  • Kinda reminds me of my old palm pilot v and the foldaway keyboard I used to rock.
  • i love this idea!! i can see it now!! 10 years from now we're just gonna be using tablet dock setups!!