Samsung Galaxy S4 wallpapers, ringtones and 'S Voice' app leak

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launch might be over a month away, but if you're looking to bring a touch of SGS4 to your current device, a freshly-leaked selection of goodies may be able to help.

SamMobile has obtained a sampling of ringtones and wallpapers, along with the "S Voice" voice assistant app. S Voice works much the same as it does on any other Samsung device, though it does seem to have undergone some cosmetic changes since we last saw it. Note as this is presumably taken from pre-release firmware, things may be broken or slow, even if you're using it on a Samsung handset.

The wallpapers and ringtones are in line with what we'd expect form a Samsung phone, and eagle-eyed readers may remember some of the images from our hands-on coverage of the Galaxy S4. There's an abundance of primary colors, which we imagine is designed to show off the S4's saturated Full HD SuperAMOLED display. And the ringtones are dominated by the same mix of gentle, nature-inspired tones found on the Galaxy S4.

Download locations for the ringtones, wallpapers and S Voice app can be found at the source links below.

Update: The system image from which this stuff is taken is now available to download too (opens in new tab).

Source: SamMobile (2), (3)

Alex Dobie
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  • forget about s4 wallpaper, HTC One wallpaper was awesome.
  • Really? S-Voice is still being developed??? Give it up guys, just make the rest of your phone work with Google Now and Google's voice recognition. Seems like wasted energy.
  • I use both S-Voice and Google now, depends on what I am asking it to do. They both are better at certain tasks.
  • Actually, the entire rom is leaked
  • Some of the ringtones remind me of an 80's TV Show intro or an 80's Nature Documentary. The "Glissando tone" was taken from Zelda?
    "In your mind" was from Amelie Movie? Some of them are cool :P
  • S-voice is Samsung's try at voice recognition software so that once it gets out of android and focuses on tizen, it will just move s-voice to that OS.
  • I installed S-Voice on my Nexus 4, but most of the features aren't available for my device... :(
    I will swipe the dust off the old S3 and give it a try.
  • Anyone know if it's possible to get the entire Galaxy s4 apk to replace the one in the Galaxy S3? Meaning everything from home screen, camera, music/video player? Would rooting or jedi mind trick be the only way?
  • Just made a video about the LEAKED Galaxy S4 "S-Voice, HD Wallpapers, & Ringtone! Enjoy!
  • Used the new S-Voice on my GS3 for a few days and then every time I try to say anything even "Play Artist ______" It tells me there is no network connection, please connect to a network." Clearly I am connected to either WiFi or 4G whenever I use this.