Galaxy S22 survey shows 44% of Android users plan to buy the Ultra model

Galaxy S22 Ultra Leaked Render
Galaxy S22 Ultra Leaked Render (Image credit: Evan Blass)

What you need to know

  • A new survey indicates a strong demand for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • 44.4% of respondents to the survey plan to purchase the top-end model when it is released.
  • The survey was commissioned by SellCell, a phone trade-in price comparison site.

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra could be in high demand even before its official release, a new survey shows. SellCell, a phone trade-in price comparison site, commissioned a survey of Android users to gauge upgrade intentions for the Galaxy S22 series.

According to SellCell, purchase intent of the upcoming series' top-end model is at 44.4% for current Android users. Samsung might also see a surge in demand for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, if the latest rumor is correct. Jon Prosser claims that the top-of-the-range model will ship weeks before the vanilla Galaxy S22 and S22+ due to supply chain issues.

The rumored 6.8-inch Ultra model is obviously the most sought-after version of the upcoming smartphone range among the survey respondents. It was followed by the standard Galaxy S22 at 30.1% and the Galaxy S22 Plus at 25.5%.

The survey included 10,678 participants aged 18 and above in the United States, although only 20% said they will upgrade to any model of Samsung's next best Android phones.

The survey result is in line with SellCell's own internal trade-in data. According to the website, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G tops the list of Android devices that consumers traded in between January 10 and January 23.

It's worth noting that SellCell has no advance knowledge of the upcoming devices. Instead, it formulated the survey questions based on a guide price for the various models.

"Upgraders are more concerned about having premium features than how much the handset will cost, proven by the overwhelming popularity of the S22 Ultra upgrade intention," SellCell said.

Apart from premum features, consumers can also expect to see an S Pen in the S22 Ultra, indicating that it could be a spiritual successor to the Galaxy Note lineup.

However, the upcoming range of flagship devices might ship with less RAM than their predecessors. But experts say it won't be a deal-breaker for consumers.

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