Samsung could finally bring the Galaxy S22's charging up to speed

Samsung's 25W charger
Samsung's 25W charger (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • A new charging adapter has been spotted that features up to 65W charging.
  • Samsung is reportedly working on bringing 65W charging to its Galaxy S22 lineup.
  • The charging adapter likely won't be included in the box for many regions.

Samsung is mere weeks away from its next Galaxy Unpacked event where it will unveil the successors to its foldable phones, but the company is likely already preparing next year's flagships. The Galaxy S22 may be some time away, but the latest rumors are already pointing to quite an upgrade, at least in terms of charging speeds.

Certification for a 65W charging adapter has been spotted (via GSMArena) which suggests that Samsung is working on significantly upping the charging speed of the Galaxy S22. The charger carries the model number EP-TA865, which closely resembles the model number for Samsung's 45W charger, EP-TA845.

Samsung 65W Charging Adapter Certification

Source: GSM Arena (Image credit: Source: GSM Arena)

Aside from last year's Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the company has largely stuck with 25W charging for its smartphones, while many of the best Android phones boast 65W and some even top 100W. It's not necessarily bad, as Samsung's phones charge plenty fast, but it does give the appearance that the company is falling behind with charging tech.

That said, the rumor mill has been abuzz lately that Samsung is already testing 65W charging for the Galaxy S22 smartphones, codename "Rainbow RGB."

The certification for the charging adapter helps to corroborate the rumors. However, it's worth noting that the company likely won't include such an adapter with its next flagship in most regions, following its removal from the Galaxy S21 series earlier this year. That means you'll likely have to cough up the extra dough to take full advantage of those charging speeds. Fortunately, many of the best GaN chargers can offer speedy charging at a fairly reasonable price.

For now, we'll have to take this with a grain of salt and wait to see what we get when Samsung announces the Galaxy S22 series.

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