Samsung Daily replaces Bixby Home on Galaxy phones

Bixby logo
Bixby logo (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Bixby Home is now Samsung Daily.
  • Bixby Home is the screen you accidentally swiped to by accident.
  • You can still disable Samsung Daily the same way you disable Bixby Home.

Samsung Galaxy phone users know that if you accidentally swipe right from the home screen on your new Galaxy phone, you'll enter the strange land of Bixby Home.

Bixby Home is a card-based home screen that offers brief news tips and information from apps. It's a massive memory hog that bogs down a phone and was never usefully supported by any social network that would make the service valuable. Now, according to SamMobile's story from the Samsung Developer Conference in San Jose, it's called Samsung Daily!

Bixby Home screen

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

If you haven't disabled Bixby Home — ahem Samsung Daily — already, here is a handy tutorial for how to manage the extent to which Bixby maintains a vice-like grip over your accidental squeezes and swipes. Samsung has obviously promised improvements to the way Bixby Home — Samsung Daily — looks and interacts and helps developers create better content. Once again, if you want to disable Samsung Daily, here is a handy tutorial, or you could presumably hold the Bixby button and say "Disable Samsung Daily."

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Philip Berne
  • That name makes it sound worse than it already does. It sounds like a page dedicated to all things Samsung and that's it.
  • The hate for Bixby is laughable. It is fine the way it is. I don't understand how everyone is accidentally pressing and swiping Bixby so much. Learn your phone.
  • Just give up, Samsung. Nobody uses the Bixby button except to remap another function lol
  • I use it often to access phone functions, check the weather, or play Spotify.
  • I use Bixby often and it works for keeping track of my schedule, weather, and music. I don't "accidentally" swipe right, I do it on purpose because Bixby Home is useful to me, the same way the Google Feed is useful on Pixel devices and the OnePlus Feed is useful on OnePlus phones.
  • I agree with you on that! Bixby is great!