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Samsung Continuum available Nov. 11, has 3.4-inch Super AMOLED display

We're fully expecting the Samsung Continuum to be announced at Sammy's New York City event on Nov. 8, but that doesn't mean the phone will be available that day. (And that's how it goes, more often than not.) But it likely won't be long after that before the dual-screen phone will be available for purchase. Phone Arena has a screen shot showing the Continuum available in all Verizon retail channels on Nov. 11 -- the same day that Big Red's Galaxy Tab goes on sale.

You can see the leaked shot after the break, which has a slew of expected specks and answers one big question for us: The Continuum has a 3.4-inch Super AMOLED screen on the main display. In the meantime, be sure to check out our preview of the Samsung Continuum, as well as our video hands-on, and ask us more in the forums.

Oh, and in slightly lower-end news, the Motorola Citrus (see our hands-on) will be available on Nov. 11, too. [Phone Arena]

  • Ehh... look ok... thats another verizon droid... and whats up with that name... continuum...? Ha oook!
    And has bing... o noooo....
  • Why add a makeshift second dislay? I mean, how many clocks do you really need to show at one time? I know it can be changed but what is the point? It would just have made more sense to have a larger screen.
  • I definitely wouldn't call it "makeshift." There was obvious thought put into it, and it does way more than just show the date a time. E-mail notifications, RSS feeds, sports scores, weather, music controls ... I wish I'd had more time with it. It's going to take some getting used to, and I can't wait to see what other people think.
  • I know. But Everything you mentioned can be done on the main screen/LCD...if it were larger.
  • Nice. I'm looking at three clocks at once.
  • What does "presence" mean? In the device information pic under google apps it says "gtalk with presence."
  • that phone looks like an advanced Pre
  • too bad it has a tiny 3.4in main screen. since i am using my cell phone more and more as a web browser and email, my current phone with a 4.3in screen is small enough. if that dell streak with a 5in screen wasnt only on americas worse network(yes it is the worse i had it for 6 years) that thing would be in my pocket right now.
  • Samsung arranges a special Android event to launch.... a dual screened Android mid level phone for 1 carrier? I hope this isnt true. I'm expecting something like a Nexus Two ( or S) caliber phone. But then again that is wishful thinking. Seriously, would Samsung really set up a one day event just to launch this mid level phone? Wouldn't a simple press release be enough and launch it through the ONE single carrier, Verizon? I'm hopeful that there is something bigger to announce on Nov 8 because in my opinion, setting up this event for ONE phone launching on ONE carrier (especially a mid range phone) is basically a waste of time and resources. But thats just my opinion, so I could be wrong. :S
  • I am can see uses for a second screen but I'd rather just have a larger first screen.
  • Probably a lame question but I really like the analog clock widget on the Samsung phone, does anyone know where to get this and if it's available for the EVO? Thanks.