Samsung Chromebook 2 now available for preorder

Announced a month ago, the new Samsung Chromebook 2 portables are now available for pre-order from Amazon and Samsung. The upcoming Chromebook 2 is projected to ship on April 28th (that's three weeks from now) in two models: 11.6 inches and 13.3 inches. The smaller one retails for $319.99, while the larger Chromebook 2 is priced at $399.99. Both are powered by Samsung's Exynos 5 octa-core ARM processors, have 4GB of RAM, 16GB for storage, and a projected 8+ hour battery life. And, being Chromebooks, they run Chrome OS

If you're so interested, here are some preorder links from Amazon for the 11.6" Samsung Chromebook 2 and the 13.3" Samsung Chromebook 2.

Derek Kessler

Derek Kessler is Special Projects Manager for Mobile Nations. He's been writing about tech since 2009, has far more phones than is considered humane, still carries a torch for Palm (the old one), and got a Tesla because it was the biggest gadget he could find. You can follow him on Twitter at @derekakessler.