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Samsung butchers 'Gangnam Style' for Indian Galaxy S4 launch

"If you like the S3 then this phone is even better / It has an HD screen and is just a lot slimmer."

Samsung has earned something of a reputation for putting on unique and often rather cheesy live events to launch its new products. An example would be the Broadway-themed Galaxy S4 launch event in New York City. A recent effort from the phone's Indian launch, however, takes things to a whole new level.

At the event in Mumbai, Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh took to the stage to perform a soul-crushingly embarrassing rendition of Psy's 2012 hit "Gangnam Style," re-worded with lyrics all about Samsung's new smartphone. These include such gems as "441ppi is not just a number / Look at this clarity it's brighter" and "If you like the S3 then this phone is even better / It has an HD screen and is just a lot slimmer." Yes, it's that bad.

Hit the embed above to see for yourself. You're welcome.

Source: YouTube via The Next Web, India Today

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Best thing I've seen online all morning!
  • Damn that is pretty bad. It doesn't help that I already thought the original song was pathetic.
  • Didn't know is was possible to butcher an already bad song:)
  • O.O
  • Someone owes me a new keyboard..I just puked on it.
  • unseen.......
  • I know right
  • hahahhahahahahhahahahaha.....hahahhahahahahhahaahah.....hahahahahahahahah*breaths* hahahahahhahahahahahahaha... *dies*...
  • R.I.P. bro
  • wonder how much they paid the guy to humiliate himself that much... at the end of the song.. dont know how many people actually there but it sounds like only 2-3 people clapped..
  • sound was muted
  • Probably paid not much. You'll be surprised by the kind of embarassing ads that Hollywood actors do out of Ameristralia and UK.
  • Well ... I am an Indian. N I hang my head in embarrassment !!!
  • Haha! Oh it wasn't that bad, well it was bad, but I gather that may have been some of the point. It was amusing to watch. Lol.
  • @Alex Dobie not a bad choice at all. Thanks for the post.
  • Almost as tacky as the phone itself.
  • +100
  • "Butcher" was a good choice in descriptor, since Gangnam is one dead horse.
  • I dont even know what to say right now...
  • I think it's a great fit for the phone. Gimmicky presentation for a gimmicky phone.
  • A cheesy promo by a cheesy company for a cheesy phone.
  • hahaha, this is pretty funny stuff.
  • It was not in my budget, but I'm buying now. good advertisement
  • born every minute.
  • i lol'd ^
  • Awesome, they made a horrible song even worse. Way to go Samsung! ;)
  • lol. "Butchered"? Gangnum Style was butchered in its original iteration! Changing the words doesn't make it worse than the real original version....
  • well at least he didn't lip sync. and at least Psy made a few more bucks off this deal. got to milk that 15 minutes of fame!
  • Holy shit, I can't wait to go and buy the S4,it's more than a phone!... The sad thing is that I'm going to get one *sigh*
  • **insert cricket sound here**........ ***blankly stares at screen***
  • There's 1:57 of my life I'll never get back. And I still want to buy one!
  • What the hell is wrong with Samsung. Their marketing was so good last year and has been so very bad so far this year. was their a conversation that went something like this "we had awesome marketing last year. Fir the whole department and hire a failed entertainer to make all marketing choices!"
  • Best video ever
  • The indian ladies look nice! I just left it on mute.
  • Yes, they looked very nice, they should of been the focal point. Mute is a wonderful thing.
  • I don't think it's fair to say a song was butchered if it was already horrible to begin with.
  • I've just been skull fucked!!
  • For anyone who thinks this is terrible marketing, remember its for an Indian audience, not a US audience. It ties the S4 to a song that for all we know might still be wildly popular in India. The population of India is 1.24 BILLION, the singer will get his face/voice in front of a huge number of people in country, so its a win for him too. Besides, I'd rather watch this then be subjected to the stupid play with the housewives they gave New York a couple months ago.
  • I'm an Indian and this *is* terrible marketing. India has an awesome marketing, singing and performance talent in general - heck the never ending talent-based reality shows are proof of this. Point is, Samsung could have done much, much, much better job with a quarter of the budget, but instead they ended up embarrassing our country on an international level. Shame on Samsung, really.
  • I was so embarrassed on this man's behalf that I couldn't make it past the first 15 seconds of the video. He appears to wants to kill himself during his entire performance, and when you look that pained while standing in a sea of beautiful women, you know it's got to be bad...
  • Can't really butcher an awful song to begin with anyway........
  • Uhhhh..............o.O
  • lol.. first few seconds and im here straight at the comments section.
    That video sucked arse. I am an Indian but I know for sure Samsung India could do way better then that :)
  • OMG..."soul-crushingly embarrassing" ..absolutely true!!
    P.S: I am an Indian
  • I saw it too. Bad luck.
  • this is as cheesy as bollywood can get. its all cheap showbiz there but people enjoy it.
  • That was horribly AWESOME!.
  • oh my god... im dying
  • Ummmmmm..................... no.
  • That was the worst video I have ever seen 4 times....
  • Best part is seeing all the photographers hop to their feet to try to take pictures of this trainwreck
  • Sing it now! "Samsung Style! OP OP OP!"
  • Shit was hilarious!!
  • I just vomited up my liver. That was horrific.
  • And if you had Zoe you could have taken some nice action shots of this.
  • That might just be the worst video I've ever seen.
    And I've watched the Pain Olympics.
  • That was hilariously bad!
  • It is so bad it is good!
  • Could have been worse... could have been a riff based on 'Macarena'...
  • I think that I am literally going to have a heart attack from laughing so hard at this. OMG. I never thought I would laugh again after my puppy dog died a few minutes ago, but this brought out the sunshine again!
  • Whoever in their marketing department that approved this should be fired. Today.
  • Cheesy but it made me smile.
  • Came across this funny blog and it is spot on with how these atrocities of launches are even allowed and ok'd by tech bosses??? Where is their sense of good taste?