Samsung and Google appear poised for some possible Ice Cream Sandwich at CTIA

Allow us a little inside baseball here. We normally don't post every event we're invited to at the usual trade shows. We'll be there, and you know we'll be there. But this one's a little different.

Behold the invitation to the Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2011 "Google Episode" at CTIA in San Diego. So, first, it's the "Google Episode." That's new. Second, they're going to stream it for everyone to see, live on Youtube. Normally such bandwidth is reserved for Google events. And this very much appears to be a Google event.

So we're going to figure we've got some Ice Cream Sandwich in our future in San Diego. Some Nexus Ice Cream Sandwich. Some Samsung Nexus Ice Cream Sandwich.

We'll see you there.

Phil Nickinson
  • I'm in San Diego...Sammy should send me an invite. Otherwise I'd have to crash it.
  • Yep me too. I assume my invitation is in the mail?
  • yessss lets goooooooooo I hope for some verizon love
  • Nice,,,
  • There goes the rumor (again) that Samsung is dumping android.
  • Maybe they will support the US galaxy phones quicker this time or at least keep us updated this time ?? One way they could recover from the froyo fiasco from earlier this year, send out a update on facebook and twitter when they have sent the updates out to the carriers. Seems simple doesn't it ??
  • I called this last week in the unofficial forums - pretty easy to deduce - it's a week after Apple's event (and was later by a couple days than even the latest rumored date for Apple). Have to blunt the iPhone assault, especially since this will be the first consumer-oriented Nexus.
  • Where can we stream this on the day of? Is there a URL?
  • lol........
  • It' on the invite above.
  • Haha sorry. Missed that part. Lol
  • PRIIIIIME!! Can't wait!
  • Make sense. One week after the iPhone5 announcement, let all the teens and grandmas who still buy iPhone's have their week of Apple orgasm, then let the real tech Gods show off a phone only Commander Data from the 24th century could produce, the Nexus-Three :)
  • Yep. Notice how Google announced this event ONE day after Apple announces their event. :P Google was just waiting for Apple to announce their event so that they won't potentially be overshadowed and instead come off as kings of the mobile world. Google's playing hardball. :D
  • why, that's the best news I heard in a dog's age
  • Thank goodness for this. It means we'll have to endure only a week of overly effusive iPhone praise. Then we'll go right back to the normally effusive iPhone praise.
  • Logically, both ICS and the Nexus have to be announced here, right? It wouldn't make sense for one to come without the other.
  • Not necessarily
    Apple unveiled IOS 5 Without an iPhone 5
    Microsoft unveiled WP7 Mango without a Mango phone
  • Yes, but Apple makes both the OS and the hardware - Samsung isn't holding an event just to announce ICS, they are going to show off some hardware as well. It could just be the Verizon phone (given the marketing push I expect behind that device I wouldn't be shocked), or it could be a GSII sort of event where the others are also shown but without definite ship dates. I'd love for a Nexus tablet to be shown too, I just don't know if Google would give both to Samsung.
  • It's definitely time for the prime and some ice cream sandwich. Please FORGET VERIZON THEY ARE USELESS. I applaud Samsung thou
  • Last time I checked, Verizon had the most subscribers of any US wireless carrier and their 4G rollout is STILL expanding. Last time Sprint's 4G was brought to any new cities? December. THAT'S "useless". Go troll somewhere else.
  • Sprint 4G rolled out a year earlier than everyone else - that's probably why Verizon is still playing catch up. Sprint offers the best value by far. to each his own - but i prefer not to get raped by Verizon every month.
  • We tried to move to sprint two weeks ago, because the Bionic was so horrible i returned it quickly, first phone ever returned. Tired of waiting for Verizon to release a device ofbthe galaxy II class, we bought two epic touches, loved the phones (still do as we have them but not activated) but sprint in our area averages 150 kbps down, 50 up. So no choice but kill the sprint trial (long story on how we got to keep the samsungs) .
    Interestingly, unwashed expecting a much lower overall rate wig Sprint compared to Verizon but with the extra $10 each on the two phones, the overall plan is only around $18 less monthly than Verizon. I will pay that extra gladly for a 3G network that is always over 1,000 kbps up / down and usuaky near 1800 plus LTE in this area.
    Does suck that Verizon wants $299 subsidized for premium phones and doesn't have a phone to me even near in quality (for what I'm looking for) of the galaxy s2 and that every other carrier has had dual core choices for some time while Verizon had the thunderbolt and charge! Then the flop of the Bionic. I so wish sprint performed decent in our area (it did well when i traveled though i badminton but that's not good enough) .
    Using my old Droid when leaving the house is rough after using the galaxy two (at least if i have wifi i can still use the inactivated epic touch) .
  • Then that will be what 3 phones better than your evo 3d? What are you going to do then yarrell? Go cry in your corner since it isnt ruling for an entire year like you babbled about before.
  • Prime time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally!!!! lol Of course we could all be wrong and get our hopes up for nothing but hey.... thats what anti-depressants are for :-)
  • Samsung Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich=============================Winning!
  • Samsung will kill whatever momentum Apple wants to have on the 11th. It's a strategic plan on Samsungs part.
  • Samsung Prime will stick it's blades in the iphone 5's back and rip out it's spine!!
  • Did not u notice something about the color of box ?
    It is painted with blue on the outside and green inside. It may refer to the Ice Cream Sandwich introduction as ICS is combining Gingerbread (Green) and Honeycomb (Blue). Just a though
  • Very good thinking. Also, Ice Cream Sandwiches normally come in a colorful box.
  • Mine just come in white wrappers :( What have I been missing!!!
  • uh I took it as Android (green) inside a Samsung phone (blue) *shrug*
  • The next evolution of android dominance is upon us.
  • Glad i returned my Bionic!
  • Good thing I passed on the Bionic!
  • The blue refers to samsung unpacking an android phone(green). U can see the droid inside.
  • NEXUS PRIMEtime!!!:)
  • P.S. And u know they gonna try to shut down the new Apple iPhone 5 news lol I really hope T-Mobile gets the Nexus Prime because im gettin it hehe
  • I will be at CTIA!! Hopefully I can make it there in time for this.
  • I figured that the next nexus would be made by Moto since it was acquired by Google.
  • I'm sure that the development for this upcoming Nexus device has been going on for quite some time now, and Samsung was probably picked as the manufacturer long before the Google-Motorola purchase came to fruition.
  • Dammit, 4:30am my time!
  • I will crash this event if they don;t send me an invite. Go Chargers!
  • i wish they would release a Nexus Prime simultaneously for all 4 major carriers at the same time. i really want to see a 5" display EVO HD with ice cream sammmmmmmich on Sprint soon.
  • PLEASE no Deion Sanders "Prime Time" commercials. that Direct TV commercial he's in is so annoying.
  • The cold and calculated timing, of this event, would leave one to think Sammy is Primed to overshadow Apple's spotlight. Sammy looks to be tired of playing nice, with Apple (considering latest lawsuit overseas). Why would Jobs leave Apple? Last time he left, didn't Apple go flat for a while? Could Apple's goose be COOKed, in the near future?
  • I could make this, i have the means too... but is the Samsung event invite only?
  • is this a free event or this a rsvp event only. i wanna go so bad...
  • Do I have room for another Nexus device? Damn right I do, own both the Nexus One and Nexus S, love them but also own the Thunderbolt and hot damn I really love my Thunderbolt rooted and Bamfed. I still think I can squeeze one more spot maybe even two spots for the Samsung GS2 (European model) and of course the NEW NEXUS. I just have to have it, call me crazy, just have to have it, just have to have it, just have to have it.