Rumor: HTC Desire HD specs leaked, heading to UK and Europe

Take this with a BIG grain of salt, but it seems details of the HTC Desire HD have leaked onto the interwebs. The phone, which may have previously gone by the codename "HTC Ace," comes packing 4.3-inch WVGA screen, along with a 1GHz Snapdragon and 8MP camera that can take 720p video. In addition, it would come with 4GB on onboard memory and Android 2.2 ("Froyo"). No confirmation on what type of screen it would have, but safe money would say a SLCD as HTC appears to have learned its lesson with AMOLED on the Incredible.

Of particular interest is the "UniBody Aluminium Design," which means the phone could be a mashup of the HTC Desire and the HTC Legend. Again, this is all rumor and speculation from something that looks very linkbait-ish, but we will keep our eyes peeled for more information as the supposed October launch date nears.

Note: The picture is a HTC Desire, no pictures were leaked of the Desire HD [SuperETrader via Engadget]

Kyle Gibb
  • I thought UK was in Europe :S
  • Don't tell them that, they'll be pissed!
  • Well, this one already got a good impression and it is looking good. HD Desire For the Win
  • The UK is different in many ways.... they don't use the Euro for one. I thought it was important distinction to make so people interested in the phone would be clear that the UK is getting it as well. That is, if this phone exists at all ;P
  • im looking forward to more info on this. Im just hoping HTC go with the new Snapdragon processors, at 1.5 Ghz, or the new dual core ones. Cause the current snapdragon is quite poor against the hummingbird and OMAP.
  • Not true. Linpack scores are very much comparable. The whole SoC is of course better, as the CPU on the Snapdragon SoCs is pretty outdated. I don't think there will be a CPU upgrade. The Desire HD will be the EU Version of the HTC Evo I bet.
  • The snapdragon GPU is quite weak though. the disappointing thing is that the earlier rumors said it would have dual core as well.
  • Sorry, I meant the GPU is outdated. The CPUs are comparable, the GPU on the Samsung SoC is way better.
    So...I would like to see a better GPU before getting more powerful CPUs. And please, Qualcomm,...release some Open Source drivers so we can enjoy 2D acceleration in the GUI.
  • Shouldn't it be "The picture is AN HTC Desire" not "The picture is a HTC Desire"? Regardless, I love the thought of a unibody, metal design.
  • No, the first one is correct :)
  • Great specs It is a UK version of HTC Evo4g for the 3G networks.
    Hope it will cost around the same as HTC Desire (£360 Sim-free).
  • >In addition, it would come with 4GB on onboard memory Might be 4GB of onboard Flash or storage, but not memory. I suspect 512MB memory. (Memory = RAM)
  • A week old news...