Kicking off the second week of the Smartphone Round Robin, Android Central gives you a Video Review of the AT&T Fuze. Like the T-Mobile G1, the AT&T Fuze is made by HTC but re-branded and re-named under the carrier. Those familiar with the device will recognize its similarities to the HTC Touch Diamond and for Sprint, the HTC Touch Pro.

The AT&T Fuze's main OS is Windows Mobile 6.1 but it gets prettied up with TouchFlo 3D, an HTC specific User Interface made for the HTC's Touch Family. Our thoughts on TouchFlo 3D is that it certainly is pretty and useable. Our thoughts on Windows Mobile? Well, check out the video!

Though people have compared the G1 to the iPhone, I think the more apt comparison would be Android and Windows Mobile. Remember, Windows Mobile runs on a plethora of devices--something that Android hopes to do in the near future. So how do they compare? Quick preview: Windows Mobile is all about the power. Check out the video for Android Central's first impression of the AT&T Fuze!

Note: I totally forgot to mention the stylus--its magnetically attached to the Fuze, which is a great touch. The stylus doesn't seem to be necessary, you can get almost everything done without it.

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