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Root Your Telus Milestone

It's finally time for all you Telus Milestone owners to finally have root access on your device! Over at AllDroid they have compiled instructions based from the knowledge and information of many different developers and hackers within the Android community. While the rooting for this device, which includes having to flash to a Brazilian .sbf file, is a bit more intricate then many of the other devices at least it is a start. It doesn't appear the kernel is yet available, but beggars can't be choosers, can they?

Keep in mind, this is a risky process, and should be done at your own peril (or at least at your phone's peril). If you have questions, or need help with this process, jump into the forums. [AllDroid via Boy Genius Report]

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  • This also isn't a full root. You still won't be able to install custom roms, overclock your CPU, or install apps2sd and you'll end up loosing a couple apps and exchanging browser for one that's even less stable. This is also a one-way street. There is no way to back up your phone before taking this root (I mean route) and therefore no way to revert to your original Telus rom, at least not until the Telus 2.1 update surfaces sometime between the beginning of Q2 and kingdom come. This doesn't let you off the hook for the fight with Motorola to unlock the bootloader. FREE THE BOOTLOADER!
  • Well said. With moves like this Moto is killing open development on their handsets, and Android in general. Where would Android be today without Cyanogen and folks like him? Wise up Moto. In case you haven't realized, you're dead without Android.
  • Ok. i got a strange question... Anyone know where I can get that wallpaper for the milestone...the one with the pebbles... TIA!
  • This root, while not a full bootloader obviously, is nice. I'm enjoying Live Wallpapers and combining it with the apk for 2.1 Loader2 makes it even better, albeit a wee bit glitchy.
  • Ok i am new to android what is bootloader useful for. Also if I download an app not from the android market like through the internet and then put it on my micro sd will it work? I have a motorola milestone from telus
  • just got the telus droid with 2.01 sholes. great phone. previous phone was ROKR F6. i hacked it to bits you could say, it served me well for 2 years till i heard of this phone. wish this version was fully rooted. fails and im eager to install one of the roms like ultimate droid! also... the phone hacking sites i've trolled the web for this info dont have any support for telus's version of this handset. Canadians like me are clawing for this phone to be rooted already!
  • *Previous phone was Motorola Rokr E6