Android 2.1 on the Motorola Cliq

Motorola Cliq owners, you haven't been forgotten.  A group of developers has cooked up some Eclair love for you.  In what sounds like a herculean effort travisjames, along with fellow developer barakinflorida have taken otabbb's work with building AOSP (Android Open Source Project) for the Cliq and turned it into a functional ROM.  It's not 100 percent complete, but the latest Alpha build looks pretty promising.  I asked for some info from travisjames and he was happy to reply:

Eclair2CLIQ is a ROM that was started after ModMyMoto (now ModMyMobile) user otabbb, figured out how to build Android 2.1 from source for the CLIQ and posted what he had created for other developers to build off of and "for someone who wants this like a starting point to make a great 2.1 Cliq ROM."

So, I decided to take it on and within the first few days, fixed half of the problems the ROM currently had including, WiFi, GPS, etc, included some applications from Cyanogen's 2.1 build, and released it as Alpha1.

Now, coming up to Alpha3, which is completely build from source and should be released soon, me, along with fellow developer barakinflorida, have managed to fix Data, Vibration, and a few of the more "essential" parts of having a daily driver.

If you're using a Cliq or a Dext, hit the source link to follow the development.  A few more screenshots are after the jump. [ModMyMobile] Thanks Chisle41!

Android 2.1 on the Cliq - home screenAndroid 2.1 on the Cliq - launcher

Android 2.1 on the Cliq - live wallpapers