Rogers is now selling the 'Really Blue' Google Pixel

It took a few months, but the most striking colo(u)r of the Google Pixel is now available in Canada.

Available for pre-order at Rogers, the country's largest carrier, the 'Really Blue' Google Pixel costs the same as its black and white counterparts — $199 on a 2-year Premium+ Share Everything plan and $899 outright — but Google is throwing in a $100 Google Store gift card for good measure. And, for better measure, it's offering the Daydream VR headset for just $29 with each signup.

The 'Really Blue' model has a white front, which may not be ideal for that Daydream VR headset, but it's the back and sides that are truly truly interesting. Why Google hasn't been able, or willing, to sell that particular model through its own e-commerce store in Canada is unclear, but since carrier exclusives are pretty rare these days, one can imagine that Rogers likely like this plan in its back pocket for some time.

See at Rogers

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Looks cool
  • It's good that they finally have the option out there, but sucks that it is carried locked!
  • Its not carrier locked. None of the pixels in canada are
  • Good to know, thanks.
  • A solid offer by them, just surprised that Bell didn't try to push for this. or is Bell having a matching blue phone too simple to work?
  • If this was completely blue instead of the white face, it would totally have been worth waiting for. But I am happy with my black Pixel either way. It's an amazing phone, no doubt.
  • People are still trying to buy this hunk of junk?
  • Ignorant people still think this phone is junk?
  • If Google somehow figured out how to meet the demand of this phone AND allowed for custom color schemes...that would be great. I'm talking about the Moto Maker customization that allowed users to select the color of the housing and buttons along with memory configuration.
  • Was going to wait till November for the Pixel 2 but I might call Rogers today!!