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Rogers stores across Canada are preparing some pretty hefty changes to their plan structure. Basically, Rogers is going all-in with unlimited texting and calling for most of their plans, and differentiating solely on data. Our source says that as part of the changes, Rogers will also be axing their My5 and My10 programs.

In any case, here's a quick tour of what's to come. Overage charges are $15/GB for the first three tiers, $10/GB for the top. 

  • $55 (Occasional plan) - 200 MB, 1,000 weekday minutes
  • $65 (Social plan) - 1 GB, unlimited local calling
  • $75 (Streamer plan) - 3 GB, unlimited local calling
  • $95 (Connected plan) - 5 GB, unlimited Canada-wide calling

There's a handful of other plans for families or simple talk and text, but those are the big changes. Basically, for a hundred bucks a month, you can get everything. It certainly seems more streamlined and less fussy than previous plans, though there are always the extras like caller ID and voicemail. 

We're hearing Rogers will be making these plans public on November 7. Canadians, anyone biting? Is $100/month worth it for all the everything you could need plus a few perks Rogers offers (Anyplace TV, for example), or are you willing to make make a sacrifice on coverage and go with WIND or Mobilicity for half the price? Are Bell and TELUS any more inviting? 

Check out the rest of the retail briefing brochure after the jump. Anything leap out at you as particularly interesting? 

Thanks tipster!