Rise and shine with the Philips SmartSleep wake-up light on sale for $80

Philips Smartlseep Light
Philips Smartlseep Light

Do you struggle to wake up in the morning? Did you press the snooze button at least six times? Maybe you just haven't found the right method for waking up. Try the Philips SmartSleep HF3520/60 wake-up light while it's on sale for $79.95 at Amazon. It's $20 off its normal price, and this deal marks only the second time in the last year it has dropped this low. In fact, at one point in 2020 it was going for as much as $130, so today is one of the best opportunities you're going to see to get the light at a discount.

Simulates the sunset and sunrise and includes 5 different wake-up sounds. Has an FM radio with snooze and automatic dimmable display. It also includes 10 brightness settings. Help establish a healthy sleeping and waking routine.

The SmartSleep is way more than just a light or a clock. It definitely has both of those things, but it also does a lot more. By design, it's meant to help you improve your sleep by improving how you reach it and how you wake up in the morning. Set the right mood and create the perfection environment.

The lights and sounds can help simulate a sunset and a sunrise by fading the lights at the right time. You fall asleep naturally as the room darkens around you and you wake up gradually to the rising sun. You can even use the light's five different natural wake-up sounds to help stir you out of your slumber, waking up at the appropriate time every day. It works so well you can even improve your mood and your morning energy.

You'll also find an FM radio built into the light, along with a snooze button, so you can hold on to some of those traditional methods for waking up. There is an automatic dimmable display, and the light includes 10 brightness settings you can choose from. If you don't need it dimmed for sleep, you can make it super bright and use it for a reading light at your bedside if you want.

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