RIM sponsoring 50 meetups nationwide to woo Android devs to BlackBerry Playbook

What's all this, then? Research in Motion -- aka BlackBerry-maker RIM -- is sponsoring 50 meetups nationwide to help woo Android developers in to making their apps available on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The PlayBook, as you'll recall, has some sort of witchery that allows Android apps to run sandboxed within the QNX OS.

Going to developers directly is a must for RIM in this case. While everybody crows that the PlayBook runs Android apps, it's not as if it has access to the Android Market and its hundreds of thousands of applications. So each dev will have to be won independently.

Will this work in any real numbers? We'll just have to see.

Source: Meetup; via BerryReview, CrackBerry

  • If I was a developer I would develop apps for playbook for blackberry's sake. Just to keep the competition alive.
  • If? You should make the move and become a dev. :)
    I love my PlayBook -- I honestly carry it with me every where -- and my Asus Transormer and I'm developing an app for both.
    There's a fairly health community of developers for the PlayBook now and they just released the NDK in beta and then there's this, so IMO, it can only get better.
  • Good luck with that RIM. Hopefully someone will write an e-mail app for you so folks who don't have a Blackberry can actually get their e-mail on an application on your tablet. How's it selling, by the way?
  • Version 2 of their OS, which is right around the corner -- supposedly before end of summer -- adds a suite of missing apps like email. So, a good thing for those of us that like our Android phones.
    It's selling descent -- better than expected down under -- and I personally think that when 2.0 hits, it will sell much better here in the US for obvious reasons.
    Anyways, it's my favorite tablet and I'm an Android nerd.
  • Text me when the Playbook goes on sale for $99...
  • I would take the Touchpad over the Playbook at $99
  • It's a shame that it's come to this. What we are witnessing is a company that once held a fair stake in the market slowly go down the tubes. All because they refused to adapt to the changing customer's needs. I would venture to say that it's too little too late.
  • What's so surprising is that the Blackberry was the major reason that the Palm devices, including the Treo smartphone died. Now to sit back and have the same thing happen to them? I don't know whether to call it incredible stupidity or just karma.
  • Call it what it is: capitalism. History is littered with examples of companies that once dominated a market only to have the ground shift underneath their feet. For a contemporary example see Novell's Netware.
  • So, could the Playbook, in theory, run the Amazon App Store? Seems like that would be the way to partner up. Or does it need individual apks or something?
  • Uhm yeah Android market runs fine on my PlayBook. Best Android device ever.
  • Eeww a wild blackberry appeared! Kill it!