Rhapsody will now let you share full songs on Twitter

The full Rhapsody catalog, some 34 million songs, is available for sharing. Users will be able to listen to a song from Rhapsody without leaving the Twitter app. Selecting the song from a Tweet will bring up a Twitter card with album art and a play/pause button. Sharing a song is a simple matter, according to Rhapsody:

Using Twitter's audio card technology, every Rhapsody member can now easily share songs with their followers directly from the Rhapsody app. While listening to music on Rhapsody, simply tap the Twitter icon, add comments and hashtags, and share the full-length song. Friends and followers will see the Rhapsody audio card in their Twitter stream and can press the play button to hear the song that inspired the Tweet.

This feature is expected to launch at some point today. You can download the Rhapsody app for Android on the Google Play Store now, and a subscription to the service will run you $9.99.

Source: Rhapsody

Joseph Keller