Rhapsody Music Application Coming to Android Too!

The big news yesterday was that Real Networks had submitted their Rhapsody application to the iPhone App Store for approval--the application will give users streaming access to over 8 million songs. Granted, it requires a $12.99/month subscription, the ability to listen to whichever song you want at the moment is certainly a dealmaker for many.

Though iPhone users will have to wait for Apple to reach a decision on the Rhapsody App, us Android users should be aware that, Real has been "working diligently on an Android app" which we expect to be available in sooner rather than later. The Rhapsody app for Android would be a no-brainer download for current Rhapsody ToGo subscribers and an extremely enticing option for music lovers across the world.

Anyone interested in an Android Rhapsody app?

[via gdgt & theiphoneblog]

Casey Chan
  • Sounds awesome!
  • How about Android provide protected WMA support first, so I can sideload Rhapsody tracks onto my Android device? Why is that not a part of Android yet?
  • Getting everything but the facebook....
  • I use Rhapsody to manage my mp3 player so I am really looking forward to this. I have an account already, all I need is an Android app!
  • This app is a must. Can't wait for it.
  • Do we have an anticipated date for the rhapsody app for the droid? I loved the app on my friend's iPhone.
  • So has anyone been able to find out the date of release yet...I'm dieing here waiting!
  • Another must have!